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18 MAY 2009

Tracey: contemporary drawing research forum

"Tracey invites artists, designers, students, educators and researchers to respond. Responses may take the form of drawings or other visual material (with or without accompanying text) or previously unpublished articles or research papers. There's no limit on the number of images or the length of text, though all contributions are subject to editorial control, in consultation with our external advisers. For guidance on preparing a submission, see below: 'guidelines for written submissions' and 'how to submit'. "
(Phil Sawdon, Loughborough University)



Simon Perkins
24 MAY 2008

New Media, New Voters: Online Small Donors and the Future of Democratic Politics

"The financial disclosure reports of the presidential candidates for the year 2007 and January 2008 contain important news for the professional political community: online small donors have arrived in force. After a decade of brilliant flashes, including, most recently, the 'money bomb,' millions sent to Ron Paul, internet fundraising has been turned into a steady flame. In 2008, Barack Osama's campaign received more than one million dollars every day, from a network of givers about to welcome its one millionth member.
It is now beyond dispute that a properly constructed campaign can draw upon the contributions of a great many people in sufficient amounts over a lengthy period of time. It can make itself financially competitive with campaigns relying on the traditional methods of high–roller finance committees, exclusive events, and PAC [political action committee] contributions. The money acquired online still heads mostly to traditional media, especially television. This points to the political Achilles Heel of the internet: a campaign cannot use this new medium effectively to reach people who have not already indicated an interest in its candidate."
(Michael Cornfield, 21/2/2008)


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Simon Perkins

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