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16 MARCH 2016

Lucea: kinetic sculpture by artist Anthony Howe



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Simon Perkins
01 JULY 2011

Com­pos­ing motion: Len Lye's kinetic sculptures

"The poten­tial to be moved by move­ment was Lye's motive force – he con­ceived his sculp­tures as per­formers rather than objects. Hor­rocks sug­gests Lye might have reframed Descartes' dictum by declar­ing 'I move, there­fore I am', and para­phrased Archibald MacLeish's 'A poem should not mean / But be' with 'A film should not mean / But move'.

How much atten­tion do design­ers give to 'com­pos­ing motion' through the way their cre­ations move and /or the way people are made to move, and be moved, as they inter­act with them? Lye's prose included at least two explor­a­tions of bod­ily feel­ings and phys­ical sen­sa­tions around chairs."

(Michael Smythe, 22 March 2010, Prodesign)

Fig.1 A clip from Flip and Two Twisters a documentary about Len Lye the New Zealand born kinetic artist and filmmaker. Directed by Shirley Horrocks.

Fig.2 The kin­etic sculp­ture Uni­verse. The striker ball is sus­pen­ded above the steel loop, which has just rolled over to one side. Photo Brian East­wood. Cour­tesy Len Lye Foundation.



Aotearoa New Zealand • Archibald MacLeish • bod­ily feel­ings • com­pos­ing motion • design formalism • design­er • kinetic artkinetic forcekinetic sculptorkinetic sculptureLen Lye • motive force • move­ment • movementNew Zealand artistobjects • per­formers • phys­ical sen­sa­tions • physicsRene Descartes • Roger Hor­rocks • sculpture • Shirley Horrocks • sound sculpturetension


Simon Perkins

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