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17 DECEMBER 2014

An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research

"Slitscan imaging techniques are used to create static images of time–based phenomena. In traditional film photography, slit scan images are created by exposing film as it slides past a slit–shaped aperture. In the digital realm, thin slices are extracted from a sequence of video frames, and concatenated into a new image.

Recently I've seen many new–media projects based on slit–scan techniques. They range from student projects, to Java demonstrations on the site, to works by recognized pioneers of video and interactive art. My inclination to make lists is irresistible, and so I've put together this catalogue as an aid to researchers and students. My aim is to be as inclusive as possible, rather than attempt to winnow the projects down to just a few ideal exemplars or the most significant historic precursors. Thus not all of the examples are even computational: some of the projects described below use motion–picture film, still photography, or analog video techniques."

(Golan Levin)

Compiled by Golan Levin. Begun: 1 March 2005. Last edit: 17 July 2010.



Adam Finkelstein • Adam MagyarAlexei Shulgin • Allison Klein • Alvaro Cassinelli • Andrew Davidhazy • Andy Polaine • Angus Leadley Brown • Anna Szepesi • Ansen Seale • Aristarkh Chernyshev • Bill Spinhoven • Bjorn Barnekow • Bradford Bohonus • Brendan Dawes • Bryan Mumford • Camille Utterback • Christian Hossner • Christian Kessler • Christian Rohner • chronophotography • Claude Hidber • computational art • Dan Kaminsky • Daniel CrooksDaniel Rozin • Daniel Sauter • Datadouche • David Tinapple • Derek Burnett • Dietmar Offenhuber • Dirk Lusebrink • divisionism • Don Whitaker • Douglas Trumbull • E.J. Gone • Eddie Elliott • Egbert Mittelstadt • epipolar diagram • Eric Lee • Fabian Thommen • Geert Mul • George Silk • Glen Murphy • Golan Levin • Greg Ercolano • Guy Hoffman • HC Gilje • He-Lin Luo • image stretching • Jacques-Henri Lartigue • James Seo • Jean-Michel Jarre • Ji-Hoon Byun • Joachim Sauter • Joe Baldwin • Juanjo Fernandez Rivero • Jussi Angesleva • Keith Lam • Kenji Mase • Kevin Atkinson • Kurt Ralske • Mark Hauenstein • Martin Hilpoltsteiner • Martin Reinhart • Masatoshi Ishikawa • Masayuki Akamatsui • Mateusz Herczka • mechanical technique • Michael Aschauer • Michael Cohen • Michael Naimark • Michael Terry • Mindfukc • Miska Knapek • Mitchell Whitelaw • Mogens Jacobsen • multiperspective panorama • Neil Jenkins • new media aestheticsNHK • Nicolas Horne • NYX • Osman Khan • Paul de Marinis • Paul Harter • Peter-Pike Sloan • Pipilotti Rist • Processing (software) • R Greenberg Associates • Robert Seidel • rolling shutter • Roman Haefeli • Romy Achituv • Ross Cooper • Roy Tanck • Sascha Pohflepp • scanner photography • scanning digital camera • scannography • scanography • Scott Carver • Scott Owsley • Sid Fels • slit-scan cameraslit-scan photography • slit-scan techniques • slit-shaped aperture • space-time correlation • space-time representation • spacio-temporal imaging • spatiotemporal imaging • Steina Vasulka • Stephan Schulz • streak photography • strip photography • Susanne Jaschko • synchroballistic photography • Tamas Waliczky • Tania Ruiz Gutierrez • temporal displacement map • temporal movementtime slicingtime-based art • time-based phenomena • time-motion studiesToshio Iwaivideo and digital art • videogram • Virgil Wildrich • William Larson • Zbig Rybczynski


Simon Perkins
11 DECEMBER 2008

Tenori-On: new musical instrument interface

"Probably the most eagerly awaited release of any musical interface in a decade or more, the Tenori–On..."
(Garth Paine and Michael Atherton, September 5th, 2007)



Simon Perkins
03 APRIL 2005

Smart Space: interactive information data space

"Financial data and financial news, by its nature, is a very dry affair – well to most of us who are not in the financial world.

Bloomberg is about communication and information – and we had to find away to showcase this in away which would appeal to all age groups–all walks for life in this very public space opposite Tokyo Station in the new heart of Maruonuchi."

(Klein Dytham Architecture)



2002 • Bloomberg ICE • Bloomberg LPdata visualisationdigital screensexperience designfinancial datafinancial data visualisation • icicle • interactioninteractive installation • Klein Dytham Architecture • real-timerealtime generated visuals • smart space • TokyoToshio Iwai
03 JANUARY 2004

Interactive media: pioneering artists

An incomplete list: Agnes Hegedüs, Brenda Laurel, Carl Eugene Loeffler, Charlotte Davies, Christian Möller, Christian Sommerer, Dick Lüsebrink, Edmond Couchot, Grahame Weinbren, Gyorgy Kepes, Jean–Louis Boissier, Jeffrey Shaw, Joachim Sauter, Knowbotic Research, Laurent Mignonneau, Lynn Hershman, Michael MacKenzie, Monika Fleischmann, Myron Krueger, Nadia Magnenat–Thalmann, Paul Garrin, Paul Yuxweluptun, Peter Weibel, Rachel Strickland, Roy Ascott, Ryohei Nakatsu, Toni Dove, Toshio Iwai, Ulrike Gabriel, Wolfgang Strauss

Oliver Grau. 'Virtual Art' p.173–176



Agnes HegedusartistBrenda Laurel • Carl Eugene Loeffler • Char Davies • Christian Moller • Christian Sommerer • Dick Lusebrink • digital pioneers • Edmond Couchot • Grahame Weinbren • Gyorgy Kepesinteractioninteractiveinteractive media • Jean-Louis Boissier • Jeffrey ShawJoachim Sauter • Knowbotic Research • Laurent Mignonneau • Lynn Hershman • Michael MacKenzie • Monika Fleischmann • Myron Krueger • Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann • Oliver Grau • Paul Garrin • Paul Yuxweluptun • Peter Weibel • Picht • Rachel Strickland • Roy Ascott • Ryohei Nakatsu • telematic art • Toni Dove • Toshio Iwai • Ulrike Gabriel • Wolfgang Strauss • ZKM

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