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13 MARCH 2011

The process of conceptualisation can be seen as an emergent process that involves the constant re-projection of prior understanding onto new and changing circumstances

"An inspiring new website for digital culture and creative practices has been created by School of Art & Design academic Simon Perkins. The Folksonomy – – is a knowledge commons and social bookmarking tool for digital culture and creative practice. The brainchild of Simon Perkins, as part of his research, the Folksonomy simplifies the process of clipping references and features photographs, videos and published documents. The Folksonomy is simultaneously a device for engaging with and a product of digital culture. It acts as a teaching tool for supporting the generation of ideas and digital culture creative practice. The research project is of a broader practice that extends from creative technology and design teaching and is focused on the nature of knowledge construction within digital culture environments. One of the unique aspects of the site is the way content is categorised, as it simultaneously belongs to multiple and sometimes contradictory categories, encouraging the viewer to make new discoveries. This sits in stark contrast to the more traditional logic conventionally employed by libraries and computer operating systems where books and files are organised according to a linear, centralised and hierarchical form. Simon says: 'The process of conceptualisation can be seen as an emergent process that involves the constant re–projection of prior understanding onto new and changing circumstances. The Folksonomy tool aims to support this type of tactical interaction through its use of linking and association.'"

(Steve Goodhew, 2010, p.140–141)

Fig.1 Simon Perkins (2010) 'Stellarscope Constellations'.

2). Steve Goodhew (ed.) (2010). 'OPEN: 50 RESEARCH PROJECTS exploring the boundaries of creativity', College of Art & Design and Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University.



Simon Perkins
05 MAY 2009

TheBrain: mind mapping, brainstorming and knowledgebase software

"How do you share valuable information and leverage ideas quickly in your company? Most often we're forced to search through multiple information sources losing our train of thought in the process. Seeing the big picture can be challenging.

With BrainEKP, TheBrain's Enterprise Knowledge Platform, you can see how everything fits together and find information instantly. Create and manage all your information online in a single Brain and give users the ability to create their own new topics and connections for complete knowledge sharing."

(TheBrain Technologies LP)



architecturebrain • BrainEKP • brainstormingcollection of ideasconceptual metaphordatadiagram • Enterprise Knowledge Platform • Getting Things Done • GTD • hierarchical visualisationinformationinformation graphicsinformation repositoryinnovationintegrateintegration softwareknowledge integrationknowledge management • knowledgebase • knowledgebase software • linkmind mappingmy stuffnetworknodal structureorganic ontology • PersonalBrain • research enginesearchsearch for informationstructuretechnology • TheBrain • TheBrain Technologies • visualisationvisualization


Simon Perkins
10 DECEMBER 2008

Fuzzzy: social bookmarking prototype

"Fuzzzy is a revolutionary social bookmarking system. The system is developed as a Web 2.0 organic ontology collaborative socio–semantic polyscopic web research project at the University of Oslo."
(Roy Lachica)


bookmarkcollaborativecollectconstellationsephemera • Fuzzzy • integrationontologyorganic ontology • polyscopic • social bookmarking • socio-semantic • Web 2.0


Simon Perkins

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