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05 JUNE 2019

Music video of Chinese court style - Birdsong in Hollow Valley

Zi De Guqin Studio, Published on 26 May 2019, Composer: Wei Xiaohan, Adapted: Tang Bin, Gu Zheng: Cai Shan, Flute: Tang Bin, Yin Hao Hao Nan, Box drum: Yang Yang, Small hit: Ye Lijia, Recording / mixing / photography / editing / late: Tang Bin, Joint production: self-acquisition of the piano, dress restoration.



2019 • 2D spaceartistically innovative • Birdsong in Hollow Valley (song) • box drum • Cai Shan • Chinese court style • Chinese cultureflat spaceflute • Gu Zheng • guqin • instrument • living paintingliving picturesmotion paintingmotion photographmoving paintingmusic videomusical instrumentPeoples Republic of China • small hit • tableau vivant • Tang Bin • traditiontraditional techniquesvisual spectacle • Wei Xiaohan • Yang Yang • Ye Lijia • Yin Hao Hao Nan • Zi De Guqin Studio • zither


Simon Perkins
26 MARCH 2005

Al-Jazari: Ludic Interactions

"an alternative notion of automation emphasizing the oft–neglected affective dimensions of interactions with machines. Many of al–Jazari's machines were preoccupied with providing visual and highly visceral experiences that were both playful and speculative. It is suggested that the ludic dimensions and, what I call, ‘automotive pleasures', of the machinic and automated experiences elicited by al–Jazari's machines have been historically displaced by the increasing constitution of machines as labour–substitutive, instrumental and culturally neutral contraptions."

(Gunalan Nadarajan)



African culture • Al-Jazari • Asian elephant • automation • automaton • automotive pleasures • ball • bucket • Chinese cultureclockcontraption • cuckoo clock • dragon • Egyptian culture • elephant • elephant clock • engineerengineeringGreek culture • Gunalan Nadarajan • howdah • humanoid automaton • Indian culture • interactionIslamIslamic cultureludicludic interventionmachine • mahout • mechanical birdmechanical innovationmedieval invention • multiculturalism represented in technology • passage of time • phoenix • play • see-saw mechanism • serpentsnakespeculative design • timing mechanism • tower • turban • Turkey • water clock • water-filled bucket • weight powered water clock

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