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17 NOVEMBER 2003

Kenneth Anger: Sadomasochism, Motorcycles And Catechizing

"Scorpio Rising is about a motorcycle gang that Kenneth Anger met in Brooklyn. It is centred on the emblematic figure of Bruce Byron, shown in various situations: in his apartment decorated with fetishes and idols; at a motorcycle party; in the midst of desecrating a church. But the film uses alternating editing to cut these scenes with... a film about a group of catechists recounting the life of Jesus! Kenneth Anger denounces the erotic fascination for motorcycles, violence, power, sadomasochism and the 'icons' of American culture."

(50th Locarno international film festival, 1997)



1963avant-gardeavant-garde cinema • biker film • biker gang • Bruce Byron • churchcounterculturecut-up techniquefilmJesus ChristKenneth Angermotorcyclemotorcycle gangpioneeringpowerqueer cinemare-purposesadomasochism • Scorpio Rising • sexual fetishtransgressionviolence

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