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20 JULY 2012

Veengle: online tool for creating video compilations

"You can create video compilations and share it with friends. You can share your created videos almost anywhere (e.g. to your website, your blog, other social networking websites).

During Beta stage, Veengle will handle only youtube videos. When the full version is ready, users will be able to upload their videos directly to Veengle."


[This tool which was located at: is longer in operation.]



Simon Perkins
03 DECEMBER 2008

The Sims On Stage: tools for creating and publishing your own mash-ups

"The Sims On Stage is a new online community from the people who make The Sims games at Electronic Arts. Here you can sing and record your favorite songs karaoke–style as well as write and perform your own comedy sketches, poetry and stories. You can even create movie 'mashups' by mixing your own recorded performances with video clips from The Sims games.
We make it easy for you. All you need is a computer and your creative spirit, and we'll take care of the rest. You'll also need a microphone if you want to make recordings, and if you have a webcam you can take it up another level and record your own video performances!

The Sims On Stage lets you connect with millions online and join a vibrant community of content creators, performers and fans who share works and recordings, rate and leave feedback on each other's content, create and enter contests and compete for the coveted spots at the top of the charts! Click below to sign up for a free membership."
(Electronic Arts)



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Simon Perkins

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