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11 OCTOBER 2015

David Cross: A Question of Trust (visceral and embodied experience)



2015actions have consequencesaesthetic spectacleaffect theory • anecdote • anthropomorphismAustralian artistclaustrophobic spaces • concepts of affect • David Cross • Deakin Universitydisarmamentembodimentfeel thingshandlehold mehuman bodyhyper-sensualityinflatableinstallation sculptureintimate transaction • non visual art • phobia • playful spacepropinquitypublic artscopophiliasense of touch • sensory modalities • sensory phenomenashow (spectacle)social exchangespatial intimacytactile experienceTED Talks • TEDxDeakinUniversity • touch metrust • unguarded experience • visceral experiencevisceral journeyvisceral theorywe experience the world


Simon Perkins
26 MARCH 2005

Dirty Pillows: Intimate But Detached

"Dirty Pillows is an interactive video installation which explores the need for intimate human companionship in a digital age. The user is invited to lie down on an empty bed next to a television monitor. Slowly, the screen awakes, leaving you face to face with a black and white image of a resting woman. Captured in a perpetually passive loop, her mesmerising gaze is interrupted only by slow, occasional blinking. Although Dirty Pillows lulls us into a state of emotional attachment to the screen, the clinical, sterile surrounds suggest the ultimate emptiness that tele–visual relationships offer."


Sally Blenheim (2003). Dirty Pillows. Melbourne, Australia, Experimenta Media Arts.




2003Australian artist • detached • Dirty Pillows • Experimentaeye contactinstallationintimacy • physical closeness • physical intimacy • propinquitypsychological closeness • Sally Blenheim • spatial intimacytelevisualvideovideo artvideo artistvideo artworkvoyeurvoyeurismwatching
07 FEBRUARY 2005

Intimate Transactions: An Interactive Networked Installation

"An [...] interactive installation that allows two people in separate rooms to interact simultaneously using only their bodies. Each person uses a physical interface called the Bodyshelf. By gently moving their bodies on this smart furniture they instigate Intimate Transactions, which influence an evolving world created from digital imagery and multi–channel sound.This shared experience allows the two participants to gradually develop a form of sensory intimacy with each other, despite the fact that they are geographically separated and cannot physically see or hear each other."

Transmute Collective: Keith Armstrong (director), Lisa ONeill (performer), Guy Webster (sound)
Collaborators: Zeljko Markov (Interface design), Inger Mewburn & Pia Ednie Brown (Tactile feedback design), Marcos Caceres, Stuart Lawson, Cameron Owen, Benn Woods, Gavin Sade, Benedict Foley
This project has been assisted by the ACID (Australasian Centre For Interaction Design) and the Australian Government through the Australia Council.



ACIDAustralasian CRC for Interaction Design • Benedict Foley • Benn Woods • Bodyshelf • Cameron Owen • Gavin SadeGuy Websterinteractioninteractive media artintimacyIntimate Transactions (artwork)Keith ArmstrongLisa ONeill • Marcos Caceres • spatial intimacy • Stuart Lawson • telepresenceTransmute CollectiveZeljko Markov

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