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23 DECEMBER 2015

The Future of Learning

"Technological progress and innovation is shaping the world of learning and, in turn, the future we will create."



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Simon Perkins

OECD report: school technology struggles to make an impact

"Another interpretation is that schools have not yet become good enough at the kind of pedagogies that make the most of technology; that adding 21st-Century technologies to 20th-Century teaching practices will just dilute the effectiveness of teaching.

If students use smartphones to copy and paste prefabricated answers to questions, it is unlikely to help them to become smarter. Educators who want to ensure that students become smarter than a smartphone need to think harder about the pedagogies they are using to teach them.

Technology can amplify great teaching but it seems technology cannot replace poor teaching.

The impact of technology on education delivery remains sub-optimal, because we may over-estimate the digital skills of both teachers and students, because of naive policy design and implementation strategies, because of a poor understanding of pedagogy, or because of the generally poor quality of educational software and courseware.

The results suggest that the connections among students, computers and learning are neither simple nor hard-wired; and the real contributions ICT can make to teaching and learning have yet to be fully realised and exploited.

But the findings must not lead to despair. School systems need to get the digital agenda right in order to provide educators with learning environments that support 21st Century pedagogies and provide children with the 21st Century skills they need to succeed in tomorrow's world."

(Andreas Schleicher, 15 September 2015, BBC News)



2015 • 20th Century teaching practices • 21st century literacies21st Century pedagogies21st Century skills • 21st Century technologies • Andreas Schleicher • challenges and opportunities • computers and learning • copy and paste literacycopy-and-paste culturecoursewarecurriculum delivery • digital agenda • digital literaciesdigital skills • educational software • educators • impact of technology on education delivery • learning environmentsOECDpedagogy • policy design and implementation strategies • prefabricated answers to questions • Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) • school curriculum • school systems • teaching effectiveness • technology use in education


Simon Perkins

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