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17 NOVEMBER 2011

Disney and YouTube deal to produce original content

"Disney Interactive Media and YouTube, a division of Google, will spend a combined $10 million to $15 million on original video series; those shorts will be produced by Disney and distributed on a co–branded channel on and YouTube. The channel will also include amateur video culled from the torrent uploaded to YouTube daily.

The Disney–YouTube partnership follows YouTube's announcement late last month that it planned to create dozens of channels featuring comedians, sports stars, musicians and other entertainers. It is also offering cash advances to prospective producers that totaled more than $100 million, according to people with knowledge of the plan but who were not authorized to speak publicly. The investments in the channels reflect Google's belief that the Internet is the third phase of the television business, after network TV (with a few channels) and cable TV (with hundreds). "

(The New York Times, Brooks Barnes, 6 November 2011)



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Simon Perkins
05 NOVEMBER 2008

Federated search and content aggregation are the future

"Today, the majority of useful search result pages are nothing else but an aggregated and filtered cream of multiple and very diverse types of database content sources. Look at Google results. The effective content databases of today are dynamic, fed by multiple contributing engines and born just–in–time. In the world of database publishing 'the database is now'. It is born and reborn again each time uses and queries to it are generated.

'The database is now', a term developed by content business analyst John Blossom, reflects a reality in which the database is not anymore a static and rigid collector all of your diverse data records. The database is born the moment you make a query or develop a custom aggregating channel with Pipes, Popfly, Intel Mash Maker or Friendfeed.

The 'database is now' focus moves away from data normalization and right into federated context–driven aggregation"

(Robin Good)


aggregation • Ansontsui • Blossom • channelcollect • context-driven • data normalization • databasedistributiondynamicfilterGoodGoogle Incintegratejust-in-time (JIT)publishingsearch • the database is now


Simon Perkins
30 DECEMBER 2003

Channel Surfing / Web Surfing

The experience of television channel surfing and Web surfing is a non–linear and open–ended activity. Individual Web pages and television programmes stop being distinct entities as their aspects merge with all other aspects.



channel • merge • non-linearopen-endedprogrammesurfingtelevisionTV

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