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The Metaphors That Research Students Live By

"In this paper I report a study of the ways in which research students think about their research. I took a unique approach by using metaphor analysis to study the students' conceptions. The research students in this study were recruited for an on - line survey at an Australian research - intensive university in which they answered questions relating to their conceptions of research. Five categories of metaphors for research were arrived at which I have labelled metaphors of space, metaphors of travel, metaphors of action, metaphors of the body and metaphors of ordeal. These metaphors provide useful information about the ways that the students visualise their research and their conceptions of what it entails."

(Rod Pitcher, 2013)

Pitcher, R. (2013). 'The Metaphors That Research Students Live By'. The Qualitative Report, 18(36), 1-8. Retrieved from


Angela Brew • Australian National University • Claire Gubbins • Daniel Andriessen • George Lakoff • Gerlese Akerlind • Mark Johnsonmetaphor analysis • Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIP) • metaphors of action • metaphors of ordeal • metaphors of space • metaphors of the body • metaphors of travel • metaphors structure our thinking • Pragglejaz Group • research metaphors • research students • Rod Pitcher • Rudolf Schmitt • systematic process • Thomas Steger


Simon Perkins

George Lakoff: Idea Framing, Metaphors, and Your Brain

UC Berkeley Professor George Lakoff discusses concepts from his 2008 book, The Political Mind: Why You Can't Understand 21st-Century American Politics with an 18th-Century Brain.



2008brain networks • breaking the frame • Charles Fillmore • cognitive linguistics • cognitive strategy • Commonwealth Club of California • conceptual framing • cultural narratives • embodied mind • Erving Goffman • • frame analysis • frame elements • framingGeorge Lakoff • human thinking • idea framing • institutions • Jerry Feldman • Joe Epstein • linguistic construction • linguisticsmetaphormetaphor analysis • metaphors are political • metaphors structure our thinking • mutual inhibition • neural circuit • neural computation • political behaviour • political behaviour and society • primary metaphor • Rockridge Institute • roles • scenarios • structured frames • the way we think • thinking in terms of metaphors


Simon Perkins

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