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20 JULY 2012

Simple Guide to Interest based Networks

"As Facebook and Twitter are reaching a saturation point, a new form of social network has begun to capture the people's attention recently. Interest based networks connect you with people whom you share interests/hobbies with. Though interest based networks are not completely new–forums and communities on specific topics have existed for a while–they are building a critical mass just now.

Pinterest, Instagram, Spotfiy, Goodreads, Quora and other interest based networks have grown significantly during the past 18 months. Each of these has built up a few million strong active userbase and provides a more fine grained marketing strategy for businesses. Small businesses and marketers must pay attention to these networks and utilize them in their marketing strategy."

(Merc Strategy Group, LLC)



Simon Perkins
15 NOVEMBER 2008

From Connectivity to Collectivity: Design for Increased Social Agency

"we must distinguish between enhanced connectivity and enhanced collectivity. Merely because digital media is making people more connected does not mean it is increasing the degree of their social engagement. According to Robert Putnam [2000], there is evidence of declining civic and social participation in modern society, which has become less cohesive. He argues that intertwined with this declining civic involvement there's a decline in collective and social activities, from family dinners to participating in clubs. Symptomatically, nowadays young people feel less inclined than their elders to engage as citizens in the rituals of voting and following news about world events and public affairs, people feel less commitment for contributing in their communities and instead engage in more consumptive attitudes for self–satisfaction. As a whole, society appears increasingly depressed, where most indicators of ill–being, such as suicides, psychic disorders, divorce, loneliness and the like, are widespread and increasing [Hunout, 2003].

On the other hand, we have extreme sharing networks, where people give away information, expertise, and advice without any monetary compensation. People submit documents, code, music, images and video files in settings that allow for such contributions. Still, the openness of the virtual space reinforces narrow group identities as archipelagos of disconnected islands [Terranova, 2004]. This extreme form of social filtering fosters micro–territories of interest–based communities. The world seems to be dividing between an enthusiastic and interconnected minority and a nihilistic, more passive and manipulated, mass of TV consumers."

(Herbert Spencer, 2007)



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Simon Perkins

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