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17 MARCH 2016

Milos Rajkovic: Skinner Box Head

"Rajkovic creates animated portraits of anonymous archetypes with deconstructed heads and symbolic components that operate like finely tuned machines. Everything is fair game: a religious figure with alter, candles, and a rotating luxury car; U.S. military figures with weight-lifting Ronald McDonald, skeletons, praying hands, and a flat screen TV playing 24-hour cable news.

The brains of these figures are compromised–sometimes portrayed as dropping into a pool of blood or being picked at by a vulture-like bald eagle–so comprised possibly that they are missing the capacity for human empathy. Are they all portraits of psychopaths perhaps? I'm guessing that Milos' answer might be affirmative—these are the psychopaths who run your government, military, religious and corporate institutions."

(Chris McDonnell, 31 December 2013, Cartoon Brew)



2013 • animal behaviour • animated portrait • birdbizarre imagerybizarre machines • Burrhus Frederic Skinner • Cartoon Brew • deconstructed heads • facefantastical worlds • finely tuned machines • grotesquehuman head • Milos Rajkovic • miniature machines • mutant science • operant conditioning chamber • physiology • Serbian artist • Skinner box • speculative biology • surreal imaginings


Simon Perkins
29 JANUARY 2015

The Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini







1981alien beings • alien writing system • anatomies • art book • bipedal creatures • bizarre games • bizarre imagerybizarre machines • bizarre vehicles • burial customs • Codex Seraphinianus (1981) • colour illustrations • delicate appearance • dining practicesdivergent conceptsencyclopaedia • fantaencyclopedia • fantastical science • fantastical worlds • funereal customs • futuristic machines • hallucinogenic • hand-drawn illustrationillustrated book • illustrated encyclopaedia • imaginary landscapesimaginary worlds • Italian artist • ludic intervention • Luigi Serafini • mutant scienceorganism • pencil illustrations • plant life • psychedelic imagery • senseless machines • speculative architecturespeculative biology • speculative chemistry • speculative physics • strange flowers • surreal landscape • surrealist illustration • weird book • writing system


Simon Perkins

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