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18 DECEMBER 2016

Un Chien Andalou: the surrealist masterpiece restored and corrected

"The film as shown here plays in 'actual time', slowing down the hyper, 16 minutes cut to a more deliberately paced 21+ minutes. The image is less contrast-blown than any version I have seen, not to mention that it is no longer heavily cropped. The score, too, is different, dropping the now iconic tango back-and-forth with Wagner, with just a straight run through the Wagner."

(Blake Williams, 22 February 2011)



1929 • Albert Duverger • black and white • Blake Williams • Fano Messan • film restoration • Filmoteca Espanola • hermaphrodite • influential works • Jaume Miravitlles • Jimmy Berliet • Luis Bunuel • Marval • masterpiecemasterwork • Original Aspect Ratio (OAR) • Pierre Batcheff • Pierre Schild • restorationRobert Hommetsilent cinemasilent filmSimone Mareuilsurrealist cinema • surrealist masterpiece • Un Chien Andalou (1929)


Simon Perkins

Digital History: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

"Lisa Fischer is Director of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Digital History Center (DHC). Located in the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library, the DHC was created to harness new technologies to help in engaging the public in the continuing conversation about the American Revolution, citizenship, and democracy. The DHC is currently working on a several complementary projects ranging from the creation of a new comprehensive website on the on the American Revolution to 'Virtual Williamsburg,' an initiative to create an interactive 3D model of the town as it looked in 1776 in collaboration with the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH)."

(16 February 2010)

Fig.1 Tom Ellis (2010 ). presentation by Lisa Fischer, Director of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Digital History Center.



1700s • 177618th century3D model3D visualisationarchaeologycolonial • Colonial Williamsburg Foundation • costumecultural heritagecultural history • DHC • digital historydigital toolshistorical interpretationhistorical maphistorical reenactmenthistorical research • IATH • interactive 3D • interactive environmentsinteractive map • Lisa Fischer • living history museummuseummuseum of cultural historyNorth America • North American Revolution • open-air museumperiod lifereconstructed buildingsreconstructionreenactmentrestorationtheme park • town • University of Virginia • Virginia • virtual heritage • virtual models • Virtual Williamsburg • visualisation


Simon Perkins
14 NOVEMBER 2008

Metropolis: key scenes rediscovered after 80 years!

"Last Tuesday Paula Félix–Didier travelled on a secret mission to Berlin in order to meet with three film experts and editors from ZEITmagazin. The museum director from Buenos Aires had something special in her luggage: a copy of a long version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, including scenes believed lost for almost 80 years. After examining the film the three experts are certain: The find from Buenos Aires is a real treasure, a worldwide sensation. Metropolis, the most important silent film in German history, can from this day on be considered to have been rediscovered."
(ZEITmagazin, 2.7.2008)










Simon Perkins

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