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08 FEBRUARY 2015

The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne: Stephen Fry

The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne, Sunday 1st February 2015, 10.30pm. Published on 28 January 2015.



2015 • all wise • atheism • bone cancer • capriciousness • Christian god • Christianitydeath • Gay Byrne • god • Greek god • Greek gods • Greek mythological figures • Greek mythology • Hades • injustice • maniac • meaning of life • megalomaniac • misery • monotheism • monstrous • mythological creature • mythological figures • Pluto • Raidio Teilifis Eireann • RTE One • Stephen Frysufferingunderworldwhat comes after


Simon Perkins
24 DECEMBER 2013

Preferably Blue: not everyone loves Christmas

"Preferably Blue is a bittersweet fairytale that your parents would never have read to you before bedtime. Their fear that you may turn out to be a bitter adult, knocking back anti–depressants like they were liquorice allsorts, if you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, was probably the reason."

(Wayne Ching, 2010, Yukfoo Ltd.)



201035mm • Alan Dickson • Andy van Straten • animated short filmanimationanthropomorphismanti-christmas • anti-depressants • Aotearoa New Zealand • banana seat bike • bitterness • bittersweet • bunnyChristmasdrinking • Easter Bunny • egofairy tale charactersfairytale • Glen Real • Harry Einfeld • jealousy • liquorice allsorts • loneliness • Mark Edward Allen • Mike Drew • mythological beingmythological creatureNew Zealand Film Commission • Ngan Chung • Norman Forsey • nz short film • Peter Van Der Fluit • Preferably Blue (2010) • reindeerSanta Claus • Sarina Pearson • Shuchi Kothari • Theo Veltman • Tim Chaproniere • vodka • Wayne Ching • Yukfoo Animation • Yukfoo Ltd


Simon Perkins
14 NOVEMBER 2008

Anatomic Illustrations of Japanese Mythological Creatures

"This diagram showing a medical cross–section of Godzilla was created in 1967 by Shogo Endo for a book called An Anatomical Guide to Monsters. Apart from Godzilla it contains a variety of anatomical drawings of many other kaijus, including Mothra, Gamera and Agurius."

(Omar Kardoudi, 23 May 2014)

Shoji Otomo (writer) and Shogo Endo (illustrator) (1967). "An Anatomical Guide to Monsters".














1967 • An Anatomical Guide to Monsters (1967) • anatomical illustrationanatomical pathologyanatomiesanatomyanimalanimal anatomyanimal physiologybeastcharacter designdiagramfantasy • Gamera • Ghidorah • Godzilla • imaginaryJapan • kaiju • legendary creaturemonster • Mothra • mythmythological creaturemythologyphysiology • Shogo Endo • Shoji Otomo • tokusatsu • visual communication • zootomy


Simon Perkins
18 DECEMBER 2003

A Tamagotchi Creation Myth

"A tamagotchi is a 'cyber creature who has traveled millions of miles from its home planet to learn what life is like on earth' (Bandai 1996). These creatures were found by a professor and his assistant, Mikachu. The two built these creatures 'little egg–shaped protection cases so they could survive on earth'. If these lovely virtual creatures receive 'proper care and feeding', they will grow into 'different shapes and personalities' and may live on earth for as long as 31 years. One earth day is equal to about one year for tamagotchi. However, as soon as one 'wakes up' his or her tamagotchi 'from its million light–year sleep by removing the insulating sheet', constant attention has to be given to the tamagotchi (Bandai 1996). It does not matter if one is attending a meeting or if one is cooking, a tamagotchi will still beep at its owner for attention. And if it is ignored when it is in need, the tamagotchi will 'grow into an unattractive alien' and eventually 'return to its home planet', which is millions of miles away. But by pressing the reset switch on the back of the case, the leveling of timeline occurs – another tamagotchi wakes up from its million light–year sleep."

(Elaine Lai)

[Tamagotchi's were first released in Japan on November 23, 1996.]



1996alien • Bandai Corporation • creationcreation narrativecyber creatureegg • egg-shaped • Japan • Maita • Mikachu • mythmythological creatureorigin myth • tamago • Tamagotchi • tomodatchi • transformationvideo gamevirtual animalvirtual creaturevirtual pet

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