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19 JANUARY 2009

Online typography without compromise? (Adobe's Text Layout Framework)

"The Text Layout Framework is a library built on top of the new text engine in Flash® Player 10 and AIR 1.5. This framework provides support for high quality, typographically rich, flowable text layout with selection, editing, undo, copy–paste, and an XML markup language to dynamically style text. The Text Layout Framework is written in ActionScript 3.0 and does not have a specific dependency on Flash CS4 Professional, Flex or any other framework

The Text Layout Framework is for developers who work in Flash, Flex® Builder™, or other IDEs that support ActionScript. It contains the .swc files that implement the framework and code examples for building custom components.

The Text Layout Flash Component is a proof–of–concept component designed to be used with Flash® CS4 Professional, but is not part of the Flash CS4 Professional release. This component is built using the Text Layout Framework. The MXP also provides a Text Layout panel UI which can be used to visually layout text and access advanced typographic features. We created this UI to test the Text Layout Framework, and it is not in final form. The UI is not intended to indicate any eventual UI within Flash CS4 Professional or future releases."
(Adobe Systems Incorporated)

[Although this is a much wanted/anticipated development I can't help but feel that this is also a rather retrospective step. It seems to points back to the nascent web design industry whose brave/visionary print designers took on the challenge of the new medium; developing unconventional work–arounds to traditional problems. The web has since evolved into much more than simply a print replacement. In this way the Text Layout Framework should be seen as an opportunity to promote further innovation – and not simply a means for reviving an early inclination to remediate print.]



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Simon Perkins

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