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29 OCTOBER 2013

Twitter Vine micro-video sharing service

"Twitter has launched Vine, an addition to the social network that allows users to embed six second videos within their tweets. ... Videos posted on Vine are on an infinite loop – in a manner similar to animated gifs, an image format that has been popular since the very early days of the internet."

(BBC News, 24 January 2013)



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Simon Perkins
13 NOVEMBER 2008

Limited Animation: Clutch Cargo (1959)

"Because of budgetary limitations and the pressure to create television animation within a tight time frame, the show was the first to use the 'Syncro–Vox' optical printing system. Syncro–Vox was invented by television cameraman, and partner in Cambria Studios, Edwin Gillette (1909–2003) as a means of superimposing real human mouths on the faces of animals for the popular 'talking animal' commercials of the 1950s. Clutch Cargo employed the Syncro–Vox technique by superimposing live–action human lips over limited–motion animation or even motionless animation cels."
(Air Cargo News)




1959animation • Cambria Studios • Clutch Cargo • Desert Queen • human lips • limited animationmouthoptical printingsuperimposition • Syncro-Vox • television


Simon Perkins

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