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29 MAY 2010

Ken Loach gives away entire film catalogue on YouTube

"Ken Loach has been one of the world's most–admired film–makers for nearly half a century but in Britain he has increasingly wondered how to attract an audience.

Now Loach and his producer, Rebecca O'Brien, have come up with a radical solution: they are giving away all of his films free on YouTube.

The Ken Loach Films section of the video–sharing website offers five of Loach's feature films available to download, along with Carry on Ken, a documentary about the director made to mark his 70th birthday in 2006.

The aim is to add a film each week with a view to converting the site to a modestly priced pay–per–view service once a core audience is established. Films less than five years old are not included to avoid compromising DVD revenue."

(Times Online, 29 May 2010)

Fig.1 Loach, K. (1966). Cathy Come Home. UK, BBC.



19662010audience • Cathy Come Home • distributiondramafeature filmfilm-maker • give away • Ken Loachmedia convergencepay-per-viewpromotion and disseminationpublishing • Rebecca O'Brien • revenueUKvideo-sharingYouTube


Simon Perkins
11 NOVEMBER 2008

Social Realism in British Film: Where Did the Kitchen Sink Drama Emerge From?

"Social Realism in British films peaked during the 1960s when what is commonly referred to as the British New Wave emerged. The new wave directors such as Karel Reisz, Lindsay Anderson and Tony Richardson had made a number of documentaries before moving on to feature films, and many of these had been screened at the (historically important) National Film Theatre event christened 'Free Cinema' in the 1950s. Like the auteurs of the French New Wave, many of the British directors were knowledgeable critics as well, affiliated with Sequence magazine. This gave them ample opportunity to promote their agenda."
(Michelle Strozykowski, Jan 4, 2008)



1960s • British New Wave • cinemafilm • Free Cinema • French New Wave • Karel Reisz • Ken Loach • kitchen sink drama • kitchen sink realismMike Leighsocial realism • Stephen Frears • Tony Richardson • UK


Simon Perkins

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