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08 NOVEMBER 2014

Hogeweyk: Dutch village designed just for people with dementia

"In the small town of Weesp, in Holland – that bastion of social progressivism – at a dementia–focused living center called De Hogeweyk, aka Dementia Village, the relationship between patients and their care is serving as a model for the rest of the world. ... The idea, explains Hogeweyk's creators, is to design a world that maintains as much a resemblance to normal life as possible – without endangering the patients. For example, one common symptom is the urge to roam, often without warning, which had led most 'memory units' and dementia care centres to institute a strict lock–down policy. In one German town, an Alzheimer's care center event set up a fake bus stop to foil wandering residents. At Hogeweyk, the interior of the security perimeter is its own little village – which means that patients can move about as they wish without being in danger.

Each apartment hosts six to eight people, including caretakers – who wear street clothes – and the relationship between the two is unique. Residents help with everything from cooking to cleaning. They can buy whatever they want from the grocery. They can get their hair done or go to a restaurant. It's those basic routines and rituals that can help residents maintain a better quality of living. ...

People with dementia often struggle with unfamiliar spaces, colours, and even decor. At Hogeweyk, apartments are designed to reach familiar cultural touchstones, categorized into six basic 'genres' of design: 'goois' or upperclass (the decor looks old fashioned), homey, Christian, artisan, Indonesian, and cultural. Each apartment is different, catered to a particular lifestyle, right down to the silverware and furniture. 'Living in lifestyles,' explains Hogeweyk, 'just like before.'

Molenaar&Bol&VanDillen, but it was the brainchild of Yvonne van Amerongen, a caregiver who has worked with memory patients for decades. Starting in the early 1990s, van Amerongen and a group of like–minded caregivers began researching and designing a type of home where residents would participate in life, the same way they did before they entered a dementia care unit. ...

What Hogeweyk reveals is the culturally ingrained way we distinguish between those who do and don't suffer from dementia. By treating residents as normal people, Hogeweyk seems to suggest that there isn't such a huge difference, deep down – just differing needs. By designing a city tailored to those unique needs, residents avoid the dehumanisation that long–term medical care can unintentionally cause."

(All–Generations Care Services, 21 June 2014)






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Simon Perkins
25 FEBRUARY 2006

Port Sunlight: A Model Village

"Influential model village named after the soap whose fortunes it was based on. Built round the Lever Bros. factory that was moved from Bolton to a marshy site on the south side of the Mersey in 1888. ... 30 different architects created a variety of picturesque & romantic stlye houses. Also a grand boulevard and art gallery along with schools, hospital, gym, social clubs, church and theatre. The village like its contemporary at Bournville was a model for the Garden City & Suburbs movement with W.H.Lever (later Lord Leverhulme.) being a key member of the Garden Cities Association. Also developed model housing on company estates in the Congo and attempted to revive the fishing industry on the Scottish island of Lewis & Harris. Port Sunlight is now a conservation area."
(Chris Coates)



1888 • Bournville • Cadbury • communityfactoryhouse • Lever • Mersey • model villagephilanthropy • Port Sunlight • Quaker • soaputopiavillage
09 JUNE 2004

Celebration, Florida: Branded City/community

"Disney has managed to go furthest, further than any other brand in actually building the cocoon, not associate themselves with the lifestyle, but build the lifestyle in three dimensions, complete enough for their customers to pack up their things and move inside the brand. And that is a place in Florida called Celebration, which is a Disney town. And Celebration is the first branded town. Now we used to have branded factory towns, right? which were built around production. Now what we have are towns that are built around consumption, lifestyle, and in Celebration, Florida, you can actually send your kids to the Disney school, and you can vote for political representatives who will represent you in the Disney Town Council. So it's truly privatised democracy."
(Naomi Klein, radio transcript)



brand • branded town • Celebration (city)citycommunityFloridamodel villageNaomi KleinnostalgiaPostmoderntheme parkutopiaWalt Disney

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