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20 NOVEMBER 2014

Edmund Burke on the sublime

"Some things that move us are beautiful, others are sublime. But the sublime moves us more profoundly than the beautiful. See how Edmund Burke tied the experience of the sublime to the possibility of pain and how the idea went on to influence the artistic Romanticism movement. Voiced by Harry Shearer. Scripted by Nigel Warburton."





18th centuryaesthetic experienceaesthetic spectacleAge of Enlightenment • apprehension • aristocratic political norms • aristocratic social norms • artistic movementauthenticityawebeautifulChinoiserie • Counter-Enlightenment • Edmund Burke • emotion • European phenomenon • exhilarating experienceexoticexperience of the sublimefolk artfrightening • Harry Shearer • heroic individualism • historical inevitability • historiography • history of ideashorror • imagination to envision and to escape • individual imagination • industrial revolution • intense emotion • intuitionmedieval art • medievalism • musical impromptu • nationalism • natural epistemology of human activities • natural inevitability • natural sciencesnatureNigel Warburtonpicturesque • possibility of pain • representation of ideas • Rococo • romantic era • romantic notion of the artist • romantic period • romantic sublimeromanticism • scientific rationalisation of nature • spontaneity • Sturm und Drang • sublime • sublimity of untamed nature • terror • unfamiliar • urban sprawlvisual artsvisual spectacle


Simon Perkins
04 DECEMBER 2009

Gaming DNA – On Narrative and Gameplay Gestalts

"This paper takes the concept of the 'Gameplay Gestalt' as advanced by Craig Lindley[7] as a basis for a fresh look at how games are read and designed. Disagreeing with Lindley's assertion of gameplay over narrative, it puts forward a model of the game as a construct of authored gestalt interplay, and concentrates on the links between the physical process of playing the game and the interpretative process of 'reading' it. A wide variety of games are put forward as examples, and some analyses of major 'moments' in classic games are deconstructed. The concept of the 'sublime' as applicable to games is examined as is the use of gameplay and narrative to generate 'illusory agency', which can make a game more than the sum of its parts."

(Brown Douglas, DiGRA Digital Library)

Lindley, Craig, Narrative, Game Play, and Alternative Time Structures for Virtual Environments, Springer, 2004


communicationdesign theorydigital cultureDiGRAexperience of the sublimeform • game construction • game readings • gameplay • gameplay gestalt • gamesgestaltinteractionlanguageliteracynarrativestructurevisual communication


Simon Perkins

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