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25 APRIL 2015

Supersymmetry: a immersive aesthetic experience by Ryoji Ikeda

"Supersymmetry attempts to transform the complexity of quantum information theory into an immersive aesthetic experience, meshing sound, visual data and high-speed light displays. The show pairs two inter-related installations. As you step into the cavernous, pitch-black space at the top of Brewer Street Car Park in Soho, you're confronted by [experiment]. Three 1m x 1m light boxes, glowing white, skitter and whoosh with tiny ball bearings, forming unique and unpredictable patterns. It's a disorientating experience, leaving you feeling adrift in such a frenetic space, with red lasers constantly scanning the surface movements.

As you step through the curtain into the next space, [experience], you're plunged into the middle of two 20m-long screens, blinking with forty monitors, all displaying how the previous room's data has been analysed and translated. The synchronized monitors pulse with high-speed analyses and typed text, while the electronic soundscape -- a symphony of bleeps, buzzes and droning hums -- adds to the charged atmosphere. The overall effect, as you glance at the mutating text and the rapid-fire bombardment of data, is both hypnotic and hallucinatory, and yet there's also something strangely oppressive about being caught in this endless loop of sound and information."

(Daniel Culpan, 23 April 2015, Wired)

"Supersymmetry" by Ryoji Ikeda, 2015. The exhibition runs at The Vinyl Factory Space at Brewer Street Car Park, London, W1F 0LA, until 31 May 2015.





2015aesthetic experienceart and scienceart exhibitionartist in residence • artistic response • austere ambienceball bearings • beeps • bleeps • buzzes • CERN • charged atmosphere • complexity • dark space • disorientating experience • droning • electronic soundscape • emotionally empty art • endless loop • hallucinatory • Higgs boson • humming • hyper-sensory experience • hypnoticimmersive aesthetic experience • Japanese artist • Japanese visual artist • Large Hadron Collider • light installationlight pulseslightboxmodernist aesthetics • multistorey building • particle accelerator • particle research • physics • quantum information theory • Ryoji Ikeda • sound and imagestrobing • Supersymmetry (2015) • symmetry • The Vinyl Factory • unique patterns • unpredictable patterns • visual artistvisual representations of scientific conceptsvisual spectacular • whooshes • Wired (magazine)


Simon Perkins
14 NOVEMBER 2014

Body Navigation: austere ambience of projection-dance work

"Two dancers and their digital reproduction are the scenographic frame of this humorous and emotional portrait of human relations. Based on rules and structured in a game like manner, the installation makes way for a playful dialog between the man, woman and the digital 'footprints' they leave behind.

The Body Navigation performance was originally part of a larger installation and modern dance performance in Copenhagen, by Tim Rushton, Danish Dance Theatre called Labyrint.

We used processing for the infrared blobtracking of the dancers and drawing the open gl graphics. During the performance Tina controlled the whole thing live from an Isadora–based interface via osc."

Body Navigation: dance installation and choreography for Labyrint at Kaleidoskop K2, Copenhagen 2008. Video artist: Ole Kristensen and Jonas Jongejan; choreography: Tina Tarpgaard; dancers: Hilary Briggs, Luca Marazia, Nelson R. R. Smith and Laura Lohi; produced by: Danish Dance Theatre.



2008 • Athelas Sinfonietta • austere ambience • austere environment • black and white • body movement • Body Navigation (2008) • boundary functionschoreographyCopenhagendance performance • Danish Dance Theatre • digital footprints • digital reproduction • doppelgangerfloor • footprints • geometry • Gyorgy Ligeti • Hilary Briggs • human re­lations • infrared camera • infrared tracking • interactive projectioninteractive videoIsadora • Jonas Jongejan • Kaleidoskop K2 • Laura Lohi • Luca Marazia • Mathias Friis-Hansen • movement performance • Nelson Smith • Ole Kristensen • Open Sound Control (OSC) • palimpsestpartition of spacepatterns of movementperformance • play­ful dialogue • playful workPongprojected from overhead • Recoil Performance Group • scenograph­ic frame • software artspatial mapping • Tina Tarpgaard • tracingtrajectoryvideo projectionvoronoi


Anna Troisi

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