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13 NOVEMBER 2014

Time and effort studies comparing the efficiency of pre-prepared meals with that of meals prepared from scratch

"Pre–cooked foods, made possible by new packaging development, are a major time–saver for housewives. Notice the difference in time and effort required in the preparation of a pre–cooked, pre–packaged goulash dinner and one fixed entirely from scratch. lights attached to the cook's wrists show how many more movements she had to make in the 90 minutes it took the long way, compared with the pre–cooked way which took only 12 minute."

(Elizabeth Diller, 1999, p.386)

Elizabeth Diller (1999). Bad Press. "Gender Space Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction". editors: Iain Borden, Barbara Penner and Jane Rendell, Routledge.



bodies in spacecirculationcooking in the kitchenDiller + ScofidiodinnerefficiencyElizabeth Dillereveryday movement • fast food preparation • Georges Teyssot • goulash • home cooked meal • housewifehuman factors in designhuman motionkitchen • labour-saving • lightsLillian Gilbreth • meal preparation • motion-trackingmovement analysismovement efficiencymovement in spacepatterns of movement • pre-cooked • pre-prepared meals • prepackaged food • prepackaged mealpreparing a mealready mealready-made mealRicardo Scofidio • spatial information • spatial mappingstudying motionThe Kitchen Practical (1929)time savingtime-motion studiestracingtrajectoryunderstanding movementwasted motion • wrist


Simon Perkins
20 JULY 2011

Knallerfrauen: Das neue iPad (chopping board)

"Das neue iPad, Ältere Herrschaften haben oftmals mit neuerer Technik ihre Probleme." © SAT.1

[Humorous scene where Martina Hill discovers her father (played by Claus Dieter Clausnitzer) using her present of a new iPad as a chopping board – where he has misunderstood what the purpose of the iPad is.]



71 Comedy International • absurd situationsaffordances • Claus Dieter Clausnitzer • comical situation • cooking • cultural significance of objectsdesign of everyday thingsdeviceeveryday lifefather • German comedy • German televisionhumouriPad • iPad chopping board • kitchen • Knallerfrauen • making sense • Martina Hill • misunderstandingnew technologyperceived affordancephysical capabilitiespreparing a mealreal affordancessensemaking • situation comedy • sketch comedytechnology affordancesuseful significance


Simon Perkins

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