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23 JUNE 2011

Boris Groys on The Aesthetic Responsibility

Boris Groys, Frieze Magazine, 01:07:00



2008 • absolute design • aesthetic • aesthetic responsibility • art installationartist • authentic self • avant-garde • Boris Groys • collective identity • collective soul • contemporary artcritique • design surface • desireexhibition spaceFrieze (magazine) • Frieze Art Fair • Frieze Talks • HfGKarlsruhe University of Arts and Designmass media • media coverage • media spectacle • podcastpolitical artpublic spaceRussian constructivismself • self design • self-design • self-positioning • self-revelationsimulacrasimulation


Alise Piebalga
06 NOVEMBER 2008

Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality

"Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality is an overview of the pioneering artists and scientists who have brought about the dissolution of boundaries that have traditionally existed between the artistic and technological disciplines. The course surveys the work and ideas of artists who have explored new interactive and interdisciplinary forms, as well as engineers and mathematicians who have developed information technologies and influential scientific and philosophical ideologies that have influenced the arts. Seminal artistic movements and genres will be explored, such as: the Futurists, Bauhaus, kinetic sculpture, Happenings, video art, electronic theater, etc. It is a study of the invention of information technologies and new human–machine paradigms that have come to define the medium of the personal computer, including: cybernetics, augmented intelligence, hypertext, human–computer symbiosis, graphical user interface, etc.

This broad historical analysis helps illuminate an understanding of the emerging digital arts and its aesthetics, strategies, trends, and socio–cultural aspirations. Central to this analysis is an understanding of key concepts for the interpretation of evolving multimedia forms: including integration, interactivity, hypermedia, immersion, and narrativity. The course reveal hows these primary elements of contemporary media have roots in electronic and performance art prior to the digital era."


aesthetic • artistic movements • augmented intelligence • authorshipBauhaus Schoolcommunicationcyberneticsdesigndigital artsdigital mediadiscovery • electronic theatre • engineeringexperimentation • From Wagner to Virtual Reality • Futurism (art movement)gamegraphical user interfaceGUIhappeningsHCI • human-computer symbiosis • hypermediahypertextimmersioninformation architectureintegrationinteractive mediainterdisciplinaryinterpretationkinetic sculptureMarcos Novakmathematicsmetaphormultimedianarrative • narrativity • networknew mediaownershippedagogyperformance artpersonal computer • Pierre Levy • pioneerpraxisRoy Ascottsciencesocio-culturaltechnologytheatretimelinevideo artvisual design


Simon Perkins

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