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12 JANUARY 2014

Chris O'Shea's interactive installation: Hand from Above

"Hand From Above encourages us to question our normal routine when we often find ourselves rushing from one destination to another. Inspired by Land of the Giants and Goliath, we are reminded of mythical stories by mischievously unleashing a giant hand from the BBC Big Screen. Passers by will be playfully transformed. What if humans weren't on top of the food chain? Unsuspecting pedestrians will be tickled, stretched, flicked or removed entirely in real–time by a giant deity.

Hand from Above is a joint co–commission between FACT: Foundation for Art & Creative Technology and Liverpool City Council for BBC Big Screen Liverpool and the Live Sites Network. It premiered during the inaugural Abandon Normal Devices Festival."






2009 • Abandon Normal Devices Festival • arts festivalaugmented reality • BBC Big Screens Project • camera-based interactionChris OSheadigital displaysdigital screensFoundation for Art and Creative Technologygiant • giant hand • Goliath • hand • Hand from Above (2009) • immersive experienceinteractive digital displayinteractive displayinteractive installationinteractive screen • Land of the Giants (television) • Live Sites Network • Liverpool • Liverpool City Council • mythical stories • OpenCVOpenFrameworks • Owen Lloyd • public space


Simon Perkins
22 OCTOBER 2012

Connecting Cities: Artist's Call for Proposals

"The European Urban Media Network for Connecting Cities is a project initiated by Public Art Lab in co–operation with Ars Electronica GmbH Linz, BIS Body Process Arts Association Istanbul, FACT Liverpool, iMAL Brussels, m–cult Helsinki, Medialab Prado Madrid, Media Architecture Institute Wien, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Riga 2014, Videospread Marseille, in association with University of Aarhus, Marseille–Provence 2013 and MUTEK Montréal and funded by the European Union.

Our aim is to create a networked infrastructure of urban media facades to circulate artistic and socio–cultural content throughout the whole of Europe. Media facades and digital big screens provide new opportunities for communication in the public space. Through modern Information and communication technologies (ICT), they are membranes between the digital and the urban spaces. All over the world we can evidence an increase of urban screens, media facades and media technologies like mobile phones: 5,9 of 7 billion people have meanwhile access to the internet. What is the potential of urban media besides the commercial usage for advertisement? How can they catalyse communication and awareness of our environments and contribute to a lively society? How can we create an exchange between local scenes and neighbourhoods thus giving a voice to the public audience? Which impact will they have for our global communities?"



Aarhus • Ars Electronica • Ars Electronica GmbH Linz • augmented spaceBerlin • big screens • BIS Body Process Arts Association Istanbul • Brussels • connecting cities • Connecting Cities (project) • digital cultureEuropean Union • European Urban Media Network Connecting Cities • FACT Liverpool • global communitiesHelsinki • iMAL Brussels • information in contextIstanbulLinz • lively society • Liverpool • m-cult Helsinki • Madrid • Marseille • Marseille-Provence 2013 • Media Architecture Institute Wien • media facades • media technologies • Medialab Prado Madrid • membrane • mobile phones • Montreal • Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb • MUTEK Montrea • neighbourhood • networked infrastructure • physical and digital interaction • Public Art Lab • public audience • public space • Riga • Riga 2014 • socio-cultural • socio-cultural content • University of Aarhus • urban media • urban media facades • urban screens • urban spaceurban spacesurban speculation • Videospread Marseille • Viennavisual communicationvisual designvisual spectaclevisualisationZagreb


Simon Perkins
06 JANUARY 2010

Russell Group: 20 leading UK universities

"The Russell Group represents the 20 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector."

(Russell Group)

[In the UK the Russell Group represent the traditional and 'red brick' universities and the 'Million+ group' represents the new or 'Plate Glass' universities.There is a similar equivalence in Australia between the more traditional 'sandstone universities' and the 'new' or 'Post–1992 universities'.]



Simon Perkins
05 NOVEMBER 2008

The giant spider of Liverpool, La Princesse

"The giant spider of Liverpool arrives at the city hall, wakes up after a sleep and, in some dramatically speeded up footage, crawls up a building to rest.

La Princesse was created by a French company, La Machine, as part of the Liverpool European Capital of culture programme. – filmed and edited by Giselle Leeb

Director & Producer Giselle Leeb, Imperfect Productions
Documentary / General interest"

(Giselle Leeb)



animationgiant marionette • Giselle Leeb • La Machine • Leeb • LiverpoolmachinemarionettepuppetspectaclespiderUK


Sean Myatt

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