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07 JULY 2009

Vietnam War documentary: The Fog of War

"Robert McNamara, the architect of the failed Vietnam War, died earlier this week. He was a major force on the American political scene throughout the 1960's. Then, he re–emerged in 2004, when Errol Morris released The Fog of War, an Oscar–winning documentary that features McNamara looking back on his career and highlighting the lessons learned from the Vietnam experience."

(Dan Colman, Open Culture)



Simon Perkins
26 APRIL 2006

New Zealand is not naive to the great cost of waging war

"The New Zealand war memorials of the First World War have become part of the common fabric of NZ life, like stop signs or lamp–posts. Virtually every township in the country has one, usually in the main street. Excluding the many honours boards and plaques in schools and churches throughout the country, there are well over five hundred public memorials to the soldiers of the Great War."

(Ted Harris: DiggerHistory.Info)

[New Zealand's anti–nuclear stance and recent reluctance to engage in International conflicts has its reasons. Despite it's geographical remoteness it has not escaped the impact of war. The numerous memorials erected throughout it's countryside, in it's cities and it's towns are a testament to this. There are memorials commemorating the New Zealanders that died in: The Boer War; The Great War; The Second World War; The Korean War; The Vietnam/American War as well as more recent conflicts. New Zealand is not naive to the great cost of waging war.]


21 AUGUST 2005

Enemy Image: where is the human tragedy?

"The [Enemy Image] traces the development of the image of war on American television from Vietnam to the present day. Enemy Image uses outstanding reports and images from American wars of the last 30 years to explore the changing role of the war correspondent and the strange disappearance of dead bodies from the image of war. Writer–Director Mark Daniels comments, 'This film developed out of my encounter with the remarkable Vietnam War reporting of Wilfred Burchett and Roger Pic. They witnessed and reported that war as no other Westerners could, and their body of work remains an historical treasure. 'Their films opposed American images of technical and material power with images of revolutionary solidarity, improvisation, and sacrifice. With the War in Iraq, – journalists 'embedded' with American and British forces brought sights and sounds from the battlefield to the living room, live.' But where was the tragedy? Where was the cruelty? Where was the heroism?"
(The Guardian)



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