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08 DECEMBER 2014

Daniel Crooks: digital divisionism and image transposition





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Simon Perkins
20 FEBRUARY 2010

Jan Svankmajer: Dimensions of Dialogue 1

"Jan Švankmajer has gained a legendary reputation over several decades for his distinctive use of stop–motion technique, and his ability to make surreal, nightmarish and yet somehow funny pictures. He is still making films in Prague to this day. His movies utilise exaggerated sounds & sped–up sequences and often involve inanimate objects being brought to life through stop–motion to perform perverse and often violent acts. While many of Jan Švankmajer's films depict destructive aspects of the human psyche, 'Darkness, Light, Darkness' is a depiction of Man building himself."

(beinArt International Surreal Art Collective/Jon Beinart)



Simon Perkins
02 NOVEMBER 2008

Jan Svankmajer: Dimensions of Dialogue 3

"In the third segment, the two bald human heads from the first segment, now fully dimensional on what is clearly a tabletop, gauge each other by eye, trying to figure out how to interact without fighting.

They cooperatively offer objects from their mouths that they think would help the other... toothpaste vs. a toothbrush, a pencil vs. a sharpener (held by disgusting tongues), etc.They start off okay, but eventually in their haste anticipate the other's needs, they start getting things wrong... a piece of bread gets a shoelace through it, the toothbrush goes into the pencil sharpener (not a pretty sight), etc., until the two collapse into panting wrecks, torn up by their hasty actions."

(Tim Fitzpatrick)



Simon Perkins

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