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12 JUNE 2014

REX: independent mobility through hands-free robotic exoskeleton

"Rex Bionics Plc (The Rex Bionics Group) is the global technology leader in robotic exoskeletons (REX). Uniquely, REX® provides independent mobility to wheelchair users and other mobility impaired persons using advanced robotic technology, custom–designed electromechanical actuators, precision engineering, and specialised networking systems.

The key differentiator of REX is the fact that it has been designed from the outset to provide mobility to non–ambulatory wheelchair users rather than as a means to enable otherwise fit individuals to lift supra–physiological loads, enhance endurance or aid mobility of those able to walk with crutches.

The device is designed to enable all users to stand and walk, and REX Personal™ users to scale stairs and navigate slopes."



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Simon Perkins
23 MARCH 2014

Bot & Dolly and the Rise of Creative Robots

"This is Bot & Dolly, a boutique design studio that specializes in combining massive mechanical arms with custom software for movies, architecture, digital fabrication, and entertainment installations. 'We're a culture of makers, of creators with open minds,' says Tobias Kinnebrew, Bot & Dolly's director for product strategy. 'We work on things that don't seem possible and try to make them possible.'

One of Bot & Dolly's first clients, Google (GOOG), bought into that vision quite literally. In 2012 it commissioned Bot & Dolly to create an attention–grabbing experience to promote its Nexus Q media–streaming device at the Google I/O conference. Bot & Dolly built an 8–foot–across, 300–pound Nexus Q mounted on a robot arm that passersby controlled via several Nexus gadgets working in tandem. ...

Bot & Dolly was started four years ago by Jeff Linnell and Randy Stowell, as a side project at their video production company, Autofuss. (The cafe at the front of their building, called Front, is the pair's latest joint endeavor.) Still operating independently with around 20 full–timers, Bot & Dolly is best known for bringing weightlessness to the big screen for last year's Oscar–winning film Gravity."

(David Pescovitz, 20 March 2014, Bloomberg Businessweek)



2012 • animation in real space • attention-grabbing experience • augmented spaceblack and whiteBloomberg Businessweek • Bot and Dolly • boutique design studio • boxcommissioncreatorscustom softwaredesign studio • entertainment installation • Google (GOOG)Google I/OGravity (2013) • Jeff Linnell • makers • mechanical arm • media-streaming device • Nexus Q • projection mapping • Randy Stowell • robot arm • robotic projectorsrobotic systemsrobotic technology • video production company • video projection worksvisual spectacle • weightlessness


Simon Perkins

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