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30 JANUARY 2006

A-Ha Take On Me: boundary-crossing to another dimension



1980s19852D representations • A-Ha • Alan Tarney • Altered States (1980) • another dimensionboundary-crossingbreaking the fourth wall • Bunty Bailey • comic bookcomic book styleglass portalhand-drawn animation • Hunting High and Low (1985) • interzone • Kims Cafe • living pictures • Morten Harket • motorcycle • motorcycle sidecar • MTVMTV Video Music Awardsmusic videoNorwegianOrphee (1950) • pencil drawn • pencil-sketch animation • Philip Jackson • pipe wrench • pop musicportal • racing • romantic fantasy • rotoscope animationrotoscopingstepping out of the frame • Steve Barron • synthpop • Take on Me (song) • two-dimensional barriervisual spectaclewaitressWarner Music Group
12 FEBRUARY 2004

Frozen In The Moment: Into The Void

The short 16mm film; "A Little Death" evolved from an earlier (speculative) project entitled "Into The Void". This project problematised issues of space (zone, boundary, intersection) through their instigation as narrative actors. The project enquired: How do 3D people live up to idealised 2D representations? What happens if an individual who doesn't 'belong' is given the chance to 'fit in' & remains dislocated? As Frank turns to reach out and touch his surrounds he finds them to be flat and lifeless representations – literally a 2D world of backdrops hanging one foot in front of his face – mirrors of his own subjectivity. Will he locate himself within this shifting but lifeless tableau or escape into the void beyond?
(Simon Perkins & Paul Swadel, September 1993)

[The project was conceptualised in part as a play on Edouard Manet's 'Olympia' (and its reframing of Titian's 'The Venus of Urbino'.]




Simon Perkins

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