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05 NOVEMBER 2012

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication: contextual studies, and enterprise and entrepreneurship

"The adaptability necessary to succeed as a design or media specialist comes not only from deep disciplinary knowledge. Graduates also need a breadth of knowledge and skills which some commentators have referred to as being 'T–Shaped'. These additional skills include the ability to work with and increasingly work across disciplines, entrepreneurial attitudes and a knowledge of the business contexts in which they will operate. All undergraduate Ravensbourne programmes incorporate curriculum and learning activities designed to develop these skills in our students. Cross–disciplinary collaborative projects offer students the opportunity to work in teams with other disciplines.

The course structure draws on the creative synergies and frictions of the different disciplines at Ravensbourne and provides physical and intellectual opportunities for students to meet, learn and work together with students from different disciplines."

(Ravensbourne, UK)



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Simon Perkins
05 JUNE 2011

UK Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

"UCAS is an acronym for the Universities and Colleges Application System At present all students in schools and colleges apply to university at the beginning of Year 13, although there are plans to change this. This means that tutors have to be ready to start the process with their tutees at the end of Year 12, when they return from completing their AS examinations. By this time students will have already had some preparation, as students will have had talks from local university representatives, and have attended a UCAS Higher Education Fair and [open day presentations]. Some of them will also have attended Taster courses at local universities around Easter time."
(Groby Community Specialist Language College)

Fig.1 screen–shot of interactive Google map of UK universities and colleges.



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Simon Perkins

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