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12 JUNE 2016

Undercurrents: grotesque animated body distortions

Albert Omoss (2016). 'Undercurrents', experimental animated short film.



20163D animation • action man • Albert Omoss • animated short filmbodybody morph • computational artist • distort the body • dolldoll like objectsexperimental film • experimental short • experimental short film • figurinegrotesquegrotesquely beautiful imageryhuman body • male figure • mass of human figures • plastic figurine • plasticity • silicone flesh • statuette • Undercurrents (2016)


Simon Perkins
02 JANUARY 2008

Reborns: Making Mothers of Fake Babies

"My Fake Baby explores the lives of women who spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds on lifelike baby dolls known as 'reborns'. Some have beating hearts and tiny veins. They are loved like real babies, cuddled and taken for walks. Doll designer Jaime [Eaton]–a mother of four–fulfils the dreams of other women by engineering babies to their specifications in her front room. Adoptive 'mothers' include women whose children have grown up and left home and women unable to have children of their own. It would be easy to dismiss all this as sad, strange and just plain wrong, but it gives great comfort to those involved."
(David Chater, The Times, UK)

[UK Channel 4 TV series 'My Fake Baby', approx. 45 min., Director: Victoria Silver, broadcast: Wed 2 Jan 2008 22:00]



Simon Perkins
26 MARCH 2005

Real Replicants: Anatomically Correct Sex Dolls

"[The] dolls ... are each custom made to order ... [and include an] extensive list of options, from body type and face type all the way down to fingernail colour. If you've ever dreamed of creating your ideal woman, then you have come to the right place."

(Abyss Creations)

[Life–like sex dolls suggest Blade Runner–style scenarios. A world where replicant partners can be created according to ones desires – where replicants like Blade Runner's protagonist Rick Deckard, can disappear into the sunset with their own personal (sex–doll) replicant.]



1996 • Abyss Creations • anatomyBlade Runner (1982)desiredeviancedolldoll fetishismdoll like objectseffigyeroticismfidelityideal female bodyinanimate dollladybotlifelikelove dollmannequin • Matt McMullen • NSFWphysical archetypePVCreal dollreal-life doll • Realdoll • realisticreplicareplicantrepresentation • Rick Deckard • Rui • sex dollsexual fetishsiliconesilicone fleshsimulationwoman

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