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30 NOVEMBER 2008

The Electronic Music Pioneer Daphne Oram

"Daphne Oram (1925 – 2003) is one of the central figures in the development of British experimental electronic music. Early in her career she declined a place at the Royal College of Music to become a "music balancer" at the BBC, and as co–founder and first director of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, she is credited with the invention of a new form of sound synthesis – Oramics. Not only is this one of the earliest forms of electronic sound synthesis, it is noteworthy for being audiovisual in nature – i.e. the composer draws onto a synchronised set of ten 35mm film strips which overlay a series of photo–electric cells, generating electrical charges to control amplitude, timbre, frequency, and duration.This system was a key part of early BBC Radiophonic Workshop practice. However, after Daphne left the BBC (in 1959), her research, including Oramics, continued in relative secrecy."




Simon Perkins
26 OCTOBER 2008

Len Lye: Swinging the Lambeth Walk

"Swinging the Lambeth Walk (1939), a four–minute, hand–painted Dufaycolor film 'with a colour accompaniment by Len Lye', matches visual motifs to musical instruments: diagonals introduce piano phrases, circles express drum beats, wavy horizontals represent guitars licks, vertical lines map base parts, etc. Primary red, blue and deep green colour fields are rendered frameless by upwardly cascading kite shapes, luminous tapered stripes, and batik–like patterns."

(Brett Kashmere, May 2007)

[Distributors: Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, Aotearoa New Zealand]



1939animationAotearoa New Zealandcolourcolour and musicdirect filmdrawingdrawing on film • Dufaycolor • experimental filmfilmkiwi short filmsLen LyeNew Zealand filmmakerNZpaintscratch filmscratchingsound and image • Swinging the Lambeth Walk • UKvisual pattern


Simon Perkins

Drawing on Film

"Drawing on Film will survey the practice of "direct film"—the process of drawing, scratching, or otherwise manipulating film stock to create images without a camera. The exhibition will present works spanning from the late 1930s to the present and will highlight an overlooked facet of experimental film. Many of the works to be exhibited are seminal films in the history of the genre—including Len Lye's A Colour Box and Norman McLaren's Blinkity Blank—while other, more contemporary works are being screened for the first time. By showcasing films from over seven decades, Drawing on Film will present an overview of the rich legacy of direct film.

The exhibition will transform the Drawing Room into a screening room with a program[me] of films by eleven artists that will screen multiple times each day. In addition, individual installations, one by Jennifer Reeves and one by Jennifer West, will run for one week each. Two separate evening screenings will feature works by Stan Brakhage and by Dieter Roth and Amy Granat, respectively."

(Kim DeMarco)



Simon Perkins

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