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06 JUNE 2014

Co-option used to promote ethical consumption practices



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Simon Perkins
04 FEBRUARY 2014

This Thing Called Science: videos to explain scientific concepts

"TechNyou is a free information service to help raise awareness about emerging technologies and associated issues, for example GM foods, stem cells, gene therapy, cloning, synthetic biology and nanotechnologies."

The series includes: This Thing Called Science Part 1: Call me skeptical; This Thing Called Science Part 2: Testing, testing 1–2–3; This Thing Called Science Part 3: Blinded by Science; This Thing Called Science Part 4: Confidently Uncertain; This Thing Called Science Part 5: Do the right thing; This Thing Called Science Part 6: Citizen Science.



Liam Birtles
12 OCTOBER 2013

The Designers Accord 2007-2012

"The Designers Accord was created in 2007 as a five–year project to mainstream sustainability in the global creative community. Formed as a distributed knowledge network of design firms, universities, and business leaders, the Designers Accord has helped advance the conversation around the ethics, practices, and responsibilities of the creative community.

The next phase of the Designers Accord will shift from community building to carrying out selective projects. The transition to project–based interventions reflects the current needs of our community, marketplace, and culture in engaging richly in the topic of sustainability."

Fig.1 infographic of the Designers Accord activities and progress from 2007–2012.



2007community buildingcreative communitydesign responsibility • Designers Accord • distributed knowledge network • ethical practices • global creative community • infographics • mainstream sustainability • project • project-based interventions • sustainability • sustainability principles • sustainability thinkingsustainable design • sustainable design standards • sustainable products


Simon Perkins

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