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30 OCTOBER 2013

Forget big data, small data is the real revolution

"Big data smacks of the centralization fads we've seen in each computing era. The thought that 'hey there's more data than we can process!' (something which is no doubt always true year–on–year since computing began) is dressed up as the latest trend with associated technology must–haves.

Meanwhile we risk overlooking the much more important story here, the real revolution, which is the mass democratisation of the means of access, storage and processing of data. This story isn't about large organisations running parallel software on tens of thousand of servers, but about more people than ever being able to collaborate effectively around a distributed ecosystem of information, an ecosystem of small data. ...

And when we want to scale up the way to do that is through componentized small data: by creating and integrating small data "packages" not building big data monoliths, by partitioning problems in a way that works across people and organizations, not through creating massive centralized silos.

This next decade belongs to distributed models not centralized ones, to collaboration not control, and to small data not big data."

(Rufus Pollock, 25 April 2013)



big datacentralisation • centralised silos • collaborate effectively • collaboration not control • componentised small data • computing era • creating and integrating small datadatadata accessdata contextdata humanisationdata into information • data monoliths • data packages • data revolution • data sharingdata visualisation • data wrangling • decentralisationdistributed ecosystemdistributed modelsHans Rosling • household energy use • information ecosystemintimate exchangesliteracylittle data • local buses • local government spending • local narratives • loosely joined • mass democratisation • means of access • Microsoft Excel • one ring to rule them all • Open Knowledge Foundation • partitioning problems • people and organisationspocket datapopulation change • processing of data • processing-power • Rufus Pollocksensemakingsmall data • small pieces loosely joined • storage of data • technology must-haves • trend forecasting


Neal White

FutureEverybody: FutureEverything 2012 festival

"FutureEverybody consists of short essays by participants in the FutureEverything 2012 festival and an overview of the festival and conference programme by the curators. These offer reflections on the FutureEverybody theme, the art and design projects in the festival, and the issues and initiatives presented within the conference.

A new participatory culture is changing our world. New forms of creativity and community occur through individuals coming together in arbitrary ways online. FutureEverybody looks anew at the ways in which people participate and co–operate are changing in a massively networked world. FutureEverybody was prompted by 2012's celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Mass Observation Movement and the UN International Year of Co–operatives."

(Drew Hemment and Charlie Gere)



2012 • Adrian Hon • Amon Tobinart and design • Bill Thompson • Birgitta Jonsdottir • Blast Theory • Carlo Ratti • Charlie Gerecoming togethercommunity engagementconferencecooperation and collaborationcreativity • Curated Place • Dieter Moebius • digital and physical spaces • Drew Hemment • Ed Vaizeyfestival • Fiona Courage • FutureEverybody (festival) • FutureEverything (2012) • FutureSonic (festival) • handmade digital craft • Islington MillJohn Peel • Lawrence Epps • Mass Observation Archive • Mass Observation Project (MOP) • Matthew Herbert • Museum of Science and Industry • networked world • participatory artworks • participatory culture • Rohan Gunatillake • Rufus Pollocksocial and cultural phenomena • Tim Hecker • UN International Year of Co-operatives • Victoria Baths


Simon Perkins

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