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29 AUGUST 2017

A Wednesday ritual: creating photo romans in her cafe office

"Plus qu'une habitude, le café matinal est un rituel. Seul(e) ou en compagnie, ce moment d'intimité marque la journée qui va suivre. Pour les personnes qui exercent des professions indépendantes, les cafés constituent un bureau mobile où, selon les humeurs et les rendez-vous, les espaces prennent d'autres dimensions. Tous les mercredis, Lia Rochas-Pàris rencontre une personnalité dans un café : en images et en bulles. Et avec l'intégralité de la conversation à la suite."

(Lia Rochas-Paris)






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Simon Perkins

Physical Space as Brand Innovation

"Prior to Starbucks, coffee shops in the U.S. were designed to be purely transactional. The most frequently analyzed metric was sales per square feet, and the concept of a store dedicating valuable space just for customers to hang out after they had bought something was unheard of. We all know how it panned out. Starbucks is globally known and a second home for many.

Barnes & Noble adopted the trend. They added lounge chairs and then Starbucks itself to their locations. The bookstore café became a place to visit consistently and to explore, hang out, and to be alone together.

Last week, I spent two hours online at a Peet's Coffee & Tea in Santa Clara, California. Something important has changed: People now work independently online. Before the days of free wifi, people used to mingle with friends over coffee. At Peet's, I spent most of my time in my "fourth places"––my online communities, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and OpenSky. Looking around, everyone was doing the same. We came for the wifi and bought the coffee."

(John Caplan, 16 September 2013,

Fig.1 Nick Kenrick []



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Simon Perkins

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