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16 AUGUST 2013

Kara: an animated short film speculation about our domestic futures

"Quantic Dream released a short film following a character called Kara. The five–minute film is called Kara. She's a female android brought to life on an assembly line, and as her body is put together piece by piece she's asked to speak in English, German and French and sing in Japanese. After expressing emotion she's marked as defective and being to be disassembled, but before being permanently shut down she begs for her life. Her beating blue robotic heart tells how nervous she is, and the man assembling Kara allows her to continue off the manufacturing line"



2011animated short filmassembly linecybernetics • David Cage • domestic futuresethics • female android • futuristic encounter • GDC 2012 • gendered technologyhousewifehyper-consumerism • Kara (character) • ladybotlifelikelove dollman machine • obedience • objectification of womenperformance capturePlaystation 3Prometheus (mythology)Quantic Dreamreal-life dollreplicant • servant • servile • servility • sex dollSony Computer Entertainmentspeculative fictionsubserviencesynthetic-life • Tercelin Kirtley • Valorie Curry • visions of the future


Simon Perkins
03 JULY 2004

Truth in Advertising: how it really is...

"Written by David Chiavegato and its director, Tim Hamilton, Truth In Advertising is a genuinely funny comedy that was, somewhat bizarrely, also nominated for a Palm d'Or in 2001. Colin Mochrie, best known as a regular on Whose Line Is It Anyway? in the US and UK, is the boss in an advertising agency where everybody tells the embarrassing truth about all the crap they talk and bollocks they make and peddle..."

(Ed Wiles,

Tim Hamilton (2001). 'Truth in Advertising' (Canada). 12mins [].



2001advertisingadvertising agency • Bob Martin • Bruce Hunter • Canadacaricature • Carolyn Scott • Chris Levins • Christina Collins • comedycommercialcommissioning creativescreative industriescreative industrycreativitycritiqueculture mediumcynicismderivativedesign cultures • edgy • elevator pitch • frankness • frustrationgraphic representationhumourmarketingmarketing campaignPalme dOrparodyproject pitch • Reel Truth • short filmsubservience • swing and tilt lens • tilt shift • Tim Hamilton • truth in advertising • uniformityvideo


Simon Perkins

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