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14 NOVEMBER 2014

.fluid: speculative proposal for a touch-friendly interface

"Imagine surfaces start to communicate with you. Your mobile gets goose skin when your lover texts you. Your WiFi controller changes the look and feel of it's surface according to different game situations. Your sofa gives you a short massage as a warm welcome when you return home from a hard day of work. Your laptop feels dried out when battery status is getting low.

.fluid is a concept study of an interacting, changing surface. While getting Input from the hands of its spectators, it's surface changes from liquid to solid, from plain to three–dimensional symmetric patterns. It provokes you to get in touch with it, to play with it's open interface and to collaborate with other people to find out how far you can push it.

This object was the result of the two week project »Talk to me–Form follows mood« supervised by Prof. Andreas Muxel at KISD (Köln International School of Design)."

(Hannes Kalk, 2013)




2013 • 3D pattern • Arduino • changing state • changing surface • Cologne • concept study • design speculations • design student projectfluid • goosebumps • Hannes Kalk • haptic interfaceinput deviceinteraction designer • KISD • Koln International School of Design • liquid • liquid to solid • loudspeaker • material effectsmaterial interventions • non-newtonian fluid • open interface • pattern • plasma • Processing (software) • solid • solid state • speculative designspeculative proposals • state of matter • surfacesymmetrical patterntouchtouch-friendly interface


Anna Troisi
25 JULY 2013

jQuery Mobile: touch-friendly websites for browsers and devices

"jQuery Mobile is an example of the web living up to its promise of everyone having equal access to free and public content posted to the web, regardless of the device they are using. It isn't just for mobile, it's 'mobile–first', NOT 'mobile–only' so it can be used as a base for responsive web design. All those great touch–friendly form inputs and widgets are fully themeable and work great no matter what the device (mobile or desktop)."

(Marc Grabanski, 19 April 2013)



AJAXCSSdesign for the screendigital design • Filament Group • HTML5interaction designjQueryjQuery Mobile • layout engine • Marc Grabanski • mediated interactionmobile • mobile first • mobile first web design • mobile only • page navigation model • Scott Jehl • screen-based interfacetablet interfacetechnology innovationtechnology solution • theme engine • Todd Parker • touch-friendly interface • touch-friendly UI widgets • touchscreen • touchscreen phones • UI widgets • user experienceuser interface designvisualisationweb design • web design ready • web first • widget


Simon Perkins

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