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02 JANUARY 2014

Alan Becker's Animator vs Animation series

"Animator vs. Animation plays with the idea that the little stick figures that you animate can fight back and do damage to your computer. Since the world of computers is so vast, the possibility for gags is endless. I've had the stick figure engage in matrix style fighting with all the icons on the desktop, a one–on–one duel with Clippy (the old Microsoft Word Assistant), a solitaire fight with another stick figure using cards, the list goes on."

(Alan Becker)



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Simon Perkins
09 JULY 2009

The Animator's Survival Kit Animated

"The Animator's Survival Kit – Animated is about how things move, and specific work methods used to make characters live, breathe, think and give a sustained commanding performance. Williams demonstrates his points with drawing, performance and over 400 specially animated examples – many from his best–selling book."
(Richard Williams Animation Masterclass, 2008)



Simon Perkins

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