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23 MARCH 2011

Camera Futura: concept camera for Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens

"As you've most likely figured out, the WVIL camera is not a real product, but a Concept Camera envisioned by Artefact's award–winning design team. It answers the question: 'what's next for camera design?'

The patent–pending WVIL system takes the connectivity and application platform capabilities of today's smart phones and wirelessly connects them with interchangeable full SLR–quality optics. It is the inevitable solution for photographers who expect the power of modern mobile devices but who also demand uncompromised quality."

(Artefact Group, 2010)




Artefact Group • camera • Camera Futura • concept cameraconnectivitydesigndesign concept • detachable • detachable lens • deviceenvisioningfictional devices • hi-fi prototype • high-fidelity prototypehigh-tech prototypeindustrial designinnovationmobile devicemock-up • optics • product designprototypeSLRsmart phonespeculative designspeculative researchusabilityvisualisationwireless • Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens • WVIL • WVIL camera


Simon Perkins
17 MAY 2009

Wardriving, Warchalking & Wireless Hacking in Lithuania

"The term 'Wardriving' is used in order to describe that practice at which an individual, an Internet user, wanders in the streets of districts equipped with electronic devices capable for wireless access to the Internet with the aim to locate wireless networks for access to the Internet, either house–based or corporate–based wireless networks, map their existence for statistical or any other reason, and hack them."
(Marinos Papadopoulos, [Presented at the Cyber Crime Unit of the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau], 15 May 2007)

[The article claims that Peter M. Shipley originated the term 'Wardriving' around 2000 when he presented his research findings to the annual DefCon Congress.]



20002007 • DefCon • hacking • hotspot • InternetLithuaniamobile media • NetStumbling • telecommunications • warchalking • wardriving • warXing • wi-fi • WILDing • wireless • wireless access • wireless hacking


Simon Perkins
28 DECEMBER 2008

Video sniffers subverting surveillance for art

"Artists in Britain are intercepting and recording security camera footage to make their own films in a reaction against the seemingly ever–present surveillance camera.

'Video sniffers' intercept wireless camera signals using basic electronic receivers, similar to a device used to pick up television signals. This, connected to a camcorder, allows the sniffer to view images from nearby closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.
Wright calls video sniffing 'DIY media' and says it allows people to make use of the myriad security cameras on street corners, in car parks and in shops throughout Britain."
(Golnar Motevalli, Tue May 27, 2008)

[Swann Mobile Viewer 2.5–Inch Colour LCD 4 Channel CCTV Receiver]



artcameraCCTV • closed circuit television • DIY mediasecurity • security camera footage • subversionsurveillancetactictechnologyUK • video sniffer • wireless


Simon Perkins
19 MAY 2005

Wi-fi And WiMax Promising Untethered Opportunities

Cynthia Karena (The Sydney Morning Herald)
... [Dr Stephen Giugni from CSIRO believes that] as wi–fi and WiMax and other wireless technologies arise, broadband delivery to mobile devices will mean roaming, portability, the ability to watch movies, check email, video–conferencing – all the things we are now tied to with PCs – available in an untethered environment. We're only really limited by our imaginations.



busCSIRO • Giugni • Karena • mobileSydney Morning Herald • The Sydney Morning Herald • untethered • wi-fi • WiMax • wireless
31 MARCH 2005

LoveJackets: Wireless Interaction

pixelpeppy – ion constas – dana chang – helena papadopoulos
A pair of jackets emits, and polls for a particular signal. Once the pair finds each other, in at least 10 feet distance, facing each other, the two beep – emitting a sound akin to crickets mating, and a pattern of LEDs blinks (light emitting diodes; small, bright, energy efficient lights). Each jacket responds only to its unique pair.[...] the project aims to explore social interactional patterns and institute new ones.



jacket • loveJackets • networksocial interaction • Studio5050 • wireless

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