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08 OCTOBER 2015

Taking re-focusable photos with the Lytro Illum camera

"LYTRO ILLUM is the first high-end camera to harness the entire light field – to retain the richness and depth of a scene. Explore focus, perspective, and depth of field within a single image and render full-color, 3-D living pictures. Use the Lytro Desktop application to adjust a wide range of photographic parameters, including the scene's depth of field, and transform those pictures into immersive cinematic animations."

(Lytro, Inc.)




angular variation • camera • depth information • depth of fielddepth of focusdepth-sensing cameradigital cameradirectional information • focal distance • focus spread • image capture • image focus • image sensor • interactive photography • interactive re-focusable pictures • light field • light field camera • light field technology • light rays • light-field photography • live view • living pictures • Lytro Illum • megaray • megaray sensor • mise-en-scenenarrative photographyperspective viewphotography • plenoptic camera • plenoptic image • plenoptic photography • point of focus • post-processing • post-shot refocusing • re-editable • re-focusable • refocus • refocused • refocusing • relative focus • Ren Ng • stereophotography • two-dimensional representation • visual spectacle


Simon Perkins
23 MAY 2013

Video post-production workflow for 5D Mark III RAW footage in OSX

"You have probably seen our extensive written guide on how to get Magic Lantern's 24p working on the 5D Mark III, which also includes a step–by–step instruction on how to end up with usable ProRes 4444 files.

Well, as it turns out, Sebastian here has found a much more straightforward way to post process the raw files from the 5D Mark III which allows us to skip the relatively cumbersome After Effects conversion process. This new process only utilizes Adobe Photoshop's raw import module, which allows batch processing of files (which is necessary to apply the same settings onto an entire clip consisting of individual DNG files).

Watch our video with a step–by–step instruction on how to end up with editable post–processed files!"

(Nino Leitner, 16 May 2013, cinema5D)



24pAdobe PhotoshopAfter Effectsbatch processingCanon EOS 5D mark IIIcolour correctioncolour gradingdigital cinematographydigital filmmakingDNGfile conversion processfilm exposure • image compression • image qualityMagic Lantern (software)OSXpost-processingpost-productionpost-production workflow • ProRes 4444 • QuickTimeRAW • RAW footage • raw import module • step-by-step instructionsTIFF • TIFF sequence • video imagevideo post-production • video post-production workflow • video processingworkflow


Simon Perkins

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