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22 AUGUST 2013

Re-imagining segmentation in Google Analytics

"One of the most popular and powerful features in Google Analytics is Advanced Segmentation. It lets you isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic. You can select from predefined segments such as 'Paid Traffic' and 'Visits with Conversions' or create your own segments with a flexible, easy–to–use segment builder. Then, you can apply one or more of these segments to current or historical data, and even compare segment performance side by side in reports.

We've recently re–imagined segmentation to make it even easier for new Analytics users, yet also more powerful for seasoned analysts and marketers."

(Google Inc)



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Simon Perkins
24 APRIL 2005

VisitorVille: innovative website traffic statistics visualisation software

"VisitorVille provides lively, visual information about a web site effectiveness: traffic patterns, advertising success and visitor demographics, behaviour and interaction.The system represents referrers as buses and web pages as buildings. When a new visitor arrives, a bus delivers him to a building. To move between buildings, the visitor either walk, take a cab or – if he's a VIP – a limousine or helicopter. A click on any person pulls up a Visitor Passport with over 20 pieces of information (such as navigation path, location, organization, time on site, etc.) Another click can even initiate a chat with him."




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