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11 JULY 2013

Isidore Isou's influential Venom and Eternity

"This experimental film ('Venom and Eternity') by Isidore Isou constitutes the Letterist manifesto of film. Rejecting film conventions by 'chiseling' away at them, Isou introduced several new concepts, including discrepancy cinema where the sound track has nothing to do with the visual track. In addition, the celluloid itself was attacked with destructive techniques such as scratches and washing it in bleach. Causing a scandal at the 1951 Cannes Film Festival, this film was later introduced in the United States where it influenced avant–garde film makers such as Stan Brakhage."

(Internet Archive)

Fig.1 Isidore Isou (1951). Traité de bave et d'éternité. Venom And Eternity.



1951 • anarchism • artistic expressionavant-garde cinemaavant-garde film maker • bleach • celluloidcinema • cinema is dead • cinematic conventionsconventionsdeath of cinemadeath of the authordeface • destructive techniques • discrepancy cinema • Eric Rohmer • experimental filmformal workformalismGuy Debord • influential practitioners • influential worksInternet Archive • Isidore Isou • Jean Cocteau • letterist manifesto • lettrism • lettrist movement • Maurice Scherer • rejectionRomanian • Romanian filmmaker • scratches • situationism • situationistStan Brakhagestock footagesync sound • Venom and Eternity (1951)


Simon Perkins
25 APRIL 2013

Maria, Mirabella: mixed live action and animation feature film

"A combined film about the two sisters, Maria and Mirabella, on their mission to find the Forest Fairy and rescue Quacky the frog, frozen in a block of ice, Skipirich the firefly, who has lost his ability to light up and Omide, the butterfly, who can not actually fly. They travel through the magic forest and after many adventures their rescue mission turns out well."




19812D animation • Adrian Stefanescu • Alexandrina Halic • animated feature film • anthropomorphic depiction • Boris Kotov • butterfly • Calugareanu Anda • cartoon characterscinematic technique • Cornel Popescu • Dan Ionescu • Eugen Doga • Eugene Agranovici • fireworm • forest • forest fairy • frog • Gilda Manolescu • girls • Grigore Vieru • iceIon Popescu-Gopo • larvae • Leonid Serebrennikov • Lev Milchin • live action and animation • magic forest • magical world • Maria • Medeea Marinescu • metamorphosis of animals • Mihai Constantinescu • Mirabella • Paula Radulescu • pupa • RomaniaRomanian • Romanian language • Romanian Radio and Television Orchestra • Russian language • sorceress • Soviet animation • Valentin Berestov • Viktor Dudko • Vladimir Kutuzov • Vocal Group 5T • woods


Valeria Marti

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