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18 MARCH 2012

A week on the web: Stop Kony

"Charity Invisible Children shone the spotlight on the alleged atrocities carried out by Ugandan guerilla group leader Joseph Kony this week. The charity posted an extraordinary film on Vimeo – but soon found itself under as much scrutiny as Kony. "

(Graham Hayday, 8 March 2012, The Guardian)



2012activismad campaign • African Union • atrocitiescelebrity endorsementCentral Africa • Central African Republic • charity • child soldier • communities in crisiscontroversy • Cover the Night • Democratic Republic of the Congo • documentaryEast Africaemotive manipulation • fugitive • globally known • guerilla group leader • intense exposure • International Criminal Court • Invisible Children (charity) • Invisible Children Inc • Joseph Kony • KONY 2012 • Kony2012 • Lords Resistance Army • LRA • NGO • Northern Uganda • political activism • post-conflict regions • scrutiny • slacktivism • South Sudan • Stop Kony • The GuardianUganda • United States Senate • video-sharingVimeoviralviral advertisingviral campaignviral video • war criminal • widespread popularity • YouTube


Simon Perkins
29 MAY 2010

Ken Loach gives away entire film catalogue on YouTube

"Ken Loach has been one of the world's most–admired film–makers for nearly half a century but in Britain he has increasingly wondered how to attract an audience.

Now Loach and his producer, Rebecca O'Brien, have come up with a radical solution: they are giving away all of his films free on YouTube.

The Ken Loach Films section of the video–sharing website offers five of Loach's feature films available to download, along with Carry on Ken, a documentary about the director made to mark his 70th birthday in 2006.

The aim is to add a film each week with a view to converting the site to a modestly priced pay–per–view service once a core audience is established. Films less than five years old are not included to avoid compromising DVD revenue."

(Times Online, 29 May 2010)

Fig.1 Loach, K. (1966). Cathy Come Home. UK, BBC.



19662010audience • Cathy Come Home • distributiondramafeature filmfilm-maker • give away • Ken Loachmedia convergencepay-per-viewpromotion and disseminationpublishing • Rebecca O'Brien • revenueUKvideo-sharingYouTube


Simon Perkins
08 OCTOBER 2006

Jihad Videos Posted on YouTube

"Welcome to YouTube – once a playground for teenagers, now an important front in the global war on terror. In recent months footage once available only in Baghdad shops and on jihadi message boards has appeared on video–sharing websites such as YouTube and Google Video.

Some of the videos appear to have been made for propaganda purposes, with Arabic or English subtitles and martial music on the soundtrack. Some show what appear to be the planning stages of an attack: fighters assembling mortars in a room with net curtains, or climbing up a verge with what seems to be an improvised bomb. Others show US soldiers shot dead by insurgent snipers, or Humvees blown up by roadside bombs."

(Suzanne Goldenberg, 7 October 2006, The Guardian)


2006al-QaidaArabicBaghdad • Chechen • Google Video • insurgent • Iraqjihad • jihadi message • jihadis • mujahadin • propaganda • propaganda war • terrorismvideo-sharingYouTube

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