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02 OCTOBER 2006

WebCameron: UK Conservative Party Exploits VideoBlogging

Will Woodward (The Guardian 2006/09/30)
David Cameron will today unveil radical plans to harness the power of the internet by reaching out to a blogging generation that is disaffected and disconnected from mainstream politics.

The UK Conservative party have realised the potential of VideoBlogging. They have a new YouTube styled site ( that seems to be an attempt to leverage the popular interest in social networking sites.


24 AUGUST 2006

Viral Marketing: Video-blogging Cited As Catalyst For Webcam Sales

"[Melody] Oliveria created what's known on the Internet as a 'viral video' – something that spreads as fast as the flu and gets talked about just as much. Some viral videos are goofy; some are just strange. But an increasing number are of average people talking about products they like. It's the ultimate word of mouth.

'A lot of people who saw that video probably thought you were working for Logitech,' Hughes asked Oliveria. 'Some people asked me if I was working for them, figuring I was being paid for it, but I wasn't,' she said.

But after Oliveria's viral video explosion, sales of Logitech webcams more than doubled on

That gets the attention of marketers, who last year spent [USD] $12 billion on Internet advertising – up 30 percent from the year before. This was an advertisement that got results … for free.

'There's that old phrase, if you can't beat them, join them. Well, marketers are trying to join them quite desperately,' says new media consultant Joseph Jaffe."
(John Kreiser, 4 August 2006)




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