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Every click you make, Facebook tracker will be watching you

"Facebook also introduced new features aimed at marketing companies that let users monitor what their fellow members are watching and listening to online instantly. ...

'Retention of information online has always been a problem. If information comes and goes fleetingly there's less likelihood it will be used other than for the purpose you put it up, which is just to keep people in touch with what you're doing,' Mr Vaile said.

'This is in line with my concern about Facebook trying to change how people think and encourage them to normalise over–sharing and abandon any restraint on storage and use and exposure of private information.'"

(Andrew Colley, 24 September 2011, The Australian)



abandon restraint • autonomycommercial exploitationcommodifying myselfcommodityconductconstruction of normscontextcross-context sharing • cyber-communities • cyberspacedatadata matchingdemassificationdigital identity • digital maps • digital representation • digital signature • e-privacyethicsexposureFacebook • Facebook tracker • human interactioninformationinformation sharingmonitoringnormalisationnormalising over-sharingonlineownershippersonal informationprivacy • privacy watchdog • publicly availableretention of informationsocial networkingstoragetechnological innovation • they are watching you • timeline • Timothy Pilgrim • trackerUNSWuse of private information • use their information • what you are watching


Simon Perkins
02 AUGUST 2011

Iain McCaig: a career of being creative

"Iain is an internationally recognized and award winning artist and one of the motion picture industry's leading conceptual designers. His exceptional command of human anatomy, character, emotional expression and visual narrative make him on of the most sought after artists working in the entertainment industry today."

(Iain McCaig, University of New South Wales)

Fig.1 Published on 25 Jul 2011 by UNSWCommunity

[At 19:00 the interviewer explains that Andrew Pienaar from Pixar describes his process of becoming 'creatively unstuck' as one where he refers to images that he has collected which he has stored in a drawer at Pixar. He explained that sometimes it's enough to just imagine the images in the collection for him to become 'unstuck'. Iain McCaig (19:45 – 20:45) builds on this by explaining that he understands the same process in terms of a metaphor of a library where the library is a 'resource in your mind' that you constantly keep referring and adding to –that you constantly keep re–reading.]



Andrew Pienaar • animatorartart and design practitionerscabinet of curiosities • career in animation • collection of ideascollection of references • College of Fine Arts • concept art • concept artist • creative practice • creatively unstuck • creativitydrawingfantasyfantasy art • filing cabinet metaphor • film concept design • flip it • George Lucas • Glasgow School of Art • hero • Iain McCaig • ideasillustratorinspiration • library metaphor • practitioner interview • resource in your mind • Sesame StreetsketchstorytellingUniversity of New South WalesUNSW • UNSW COFA • visual storytelling


Simon Perkins
20 JULY 2004

Web Of Life: Network Of Lines On The User's Hands

Conceived as a multi–disciplinary project that conjoins art and science, Web of Life provides us with radical new insights into the underlying processes of nature, economy, and society. In Web of Life, visitors can activate and change the continuous, algorithmically generated images. The interactive medium is the network of lines on the user's hands, which they can scan for feeding into the network. Symbolising the "Web of Life", these palm–prints amount to the most personal element visitors can contribute to the overall pattern. The individual hand–lines will be displayed on the screen, together with information on the contributors' physical log–in location.Web Of Life project (2002–2005) – consisting of a book, a website and a series of networked installations. Authors: Torsten Belschner, Michael Gleich, Bernd Lintermann, Manfred Wolff–Plottegg, Jeffrey Shaw and Lawrence Wallen. Sponsored by the Aventis Foundation, Strasbourg, France and produced by the ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, German.Australian presentations made with the generous support of the Goethe Institut, Sydney and the UNSW iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, Sydney. This event is part of the Australian Innovation Festival.



algorithminteractiveJeffrey Shaw • palm-prints • UNSW • Web of Life • ZKM

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