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QSR International: NVivo 10

"If you want to get an edge by better understanding the explosion of unstructured data in the world today, you need NVivo - powerful software for qualitative data analysis. Whether you are working individually or in a team, on Windows or Mac, are new to research or have years of experience, there's an NVivo option to suit you."



audio analysis • content analysisdata analysis • data analysis software • data collection and analysisdocumentary materialinterview (research method)non-textual documentary material • NVivo • NVivo 10 • NVivo Server • primary sourcesQSR Internationalqualitative analysisqualitative data analysis • qualitative data analysis software • teaching resourcetranscriptunstructured datavideo interviews


Simon Perkins
17 DECEMBER 2003

NUD*IST: Qualitative Data Analysis System

"NUD*IST software was first developed by Tom Richards to support social research by Lyn Richards. One of the first qualitative research programs of its kind, the product stood for 'Non–Numerical Unstructured Data Indexing Searching and Theorizing'. It helps to change the way that qualitative research is conducted."

(QSR International Pty Ltd)



business analystdata analysisdata collection and analysisdocumentary material • health researcher • historianshistorical documentsinterviews • legal documents • legal researcher • literary critic • market analyst • N6 • non-textual documentary material • NUD*IST • NVivo 10QSR Internationalqualitativequalitative data analysis • social scientist • theory building • Tom Richards • unstructured data • unstructured qualitative data • videotaped footage

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