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01 FEBRUARY 2015

Interactive installation created by Brother System for the Centre Commercial Les Rives de l'Orne launch 2013




2013balls • Brother System • Caen • circledigital screens • digital studio • edge detection • edge findinginteractive digital displayinteractive displayinteractive installationinteractive screeninteractive visualisationKinect for Xbox 360 • outlines • participative mediaparticle systemsProcessing (software)public spacereactive graphics • reactive interactive work • real-time interactivity • Sept de Trefle • shopping centresilhouetteuser experience design (UX) • Yann Rayon


Simon Perkins
21 MAY 2005

Pioneering real-time computer graphics

Through the early to mid 1990's "Tim Gruchy designed and conceptualised the interactive components and videos [for the Australian band "Vision Four 5"]. Their live performance had them standing on stage, waving arms in the air in front of large screens, not just for that 'put your hands up in the air' rave momentum, but also to use their bodies as controllers for triggering the sound and visuals via digital interactive computer systems – video cameras converted into real–time computer graphics which triggered midi sounds and visual trigger points adding extra layers to the live performance."

(, 02 October 2002)

"Cyberphobia", 1992 by Vision Four 5 (Noel Burgess, Ben Suthers, Tim Grutchy and Gavin Sade).



1992 • Aliak • AmigaAustraliaband • Ben Suthers • computer gernerated environments • computer graphics • cyberphobia • edge findingGavin Sade • image merge • interactive performanceinteractive visualisationlive performance • Mandala Gesture Xtreme System • Noel Burgess • performance artistravereactive graphicssubculturesynaesthesia • Tim Gruchy • triggeringvideo capturevirtual and realvirtual realityvirtual reality system • Vision Four 5 • VR

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