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25 JUNE 2015

What is the Cut-Up Method?

"The writer Ken Hollings examines how an artistic device called the 'cut-up' has been employed by artists and satirists to create new meanings from pre-existing recorded words.

Today's digital age has allowed multi-media satirists like Cassetteboy to mock politicians and TV celebrities online by re-editing - or cutting up - their broadcast words. But the roots of this technique go back to the early days of the avant-garde. The intention has always been to amuse, to surprise, and to question.

The founder of the Dadaist movement, the poet Tristan Tzara, proposed in 1920 that a poem could be created simply by pulling random words cut from a newspaper out of a hat. And it was this idea of the random juxtaposition of text, of creating new meanings from pre-existing material, that so appealed to the painter Brion Gysin in the late 1950s when he and his friend, the American writer William S Burroughs, began applying the technique not just to text but to other media too - including words recorded on tape."



1920absurdist humourAlan Sugar • Armando Iannucci • artistic device • avant-garde experimental technique • BBC Radio 1 • BBC Radio 4Brion Gysin • broadcast news • Cassetteboy • Chris Morris • Coldcut (duo) • collaged togethercut-upcut-up techniqueDada movement • Dan Shepherd • Doug KahnGeorge W Bush • Julie Andrews • juxtaposition • Ken Hollings • Kevin Foakes (aka DJ Food) • Lenka Clayton • Matt Black • mockingNegativland • Pierre Schaeffer • pulled out of the hat • random juxtaposition • random wordsre-editre-purposeremix cultureRonald Reagan • sound-poetry • State of the Union • tape cut-up • The Apprentice (UK TV series)The Sound of Music (1965)Tristan TzaraVicki BennettWalter RuttmannWilliam Burroughs


Simon Perkins
11 MARCH 2013

Ràdio Web MACBA: nonprofit online radio project for popular education



2006 • Allan Sekula • Ann Demeester • Anri Sala • Antoni Muntadas • arts and cultureBarcelonadigital resources • document the continuous present • electronic musicexperimental music • Fareed Armaly • Franco Berardi • generative music • Guy Schraenen • James Pritchett • John CageJohn OswaldJudith Butler • Kenneth Goldsmith • listening • MACBA • MACBA project • Mark Fisher • Mel RamsdenMichael Baldwin • Michel Feher • Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona • Natascha Sadr Haghighian • online radio • pioneering project • podcast • podcast subscription service • radio • radio medium • Radio Web MACBA • radiophonic art • Rick Prelinger • RWM • Seth Siegelaub • sound appropriationism • sound art • sound collecting • Stuart Bailey • Suely Rolnik • unpublished material • Vicki Bennett • Will Holder • Xavier LeRoy


Simon Perkins

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