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08 NOVEMBER 2015

Addiction is a social (rather than individual) phenomenon



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Simon Perkins
13 JANUARY 2004

Paris At The Barricades

Gareth Jenkins (Socialist Review)
On 22 June 1848 Paris workers rose in revolt. Barricades went up in the eastern part of the capital and 50,000 armed insurgents tried to move on the centre. The full force of the government's reaction hit them. General Cavaignac, who had waged a brutal colonial war in Algeria, used 30,000 regular troops, 80,000 members of the National Guard and 25,000 gardes mobiles (drawn from the dregs of society) to wage war on workers. Fighting raged for four days, with the wealthier western parts of Paris taking revenge on the poorer eastern areas. Some 1,500 workers were slaughtered. Nearly 12,000 were arrested and in the show trials which followed thousands were deported.



barricades • Cavaignac • Paristroops

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