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10 MARCH 2013

OBJECTIFY THIS: Female Anatomy Dissected and Displayed

Historically, female anatomy has been represented in medical illustrations predominantly as a variation of the male form in terms of reproductive organs and surface anatomy. There are a multitude of societal, cultural, and religious reasons that have established this ideal, in addition to the fine line between female anatomy and eroticism. This show will compel viewers to question the objectivity surrounding 'female anatomy' and define–or re–define–their own perceptions through the art, perspectives, literature, and live burlesque performances featured during the opening event."

(Vanessa Ruiz, 07 August 2012, Street Anatomy)




2012 • Amylin Loglisci • anatomical artanatomical illustration • anatomical undress • anatomybodyburlesque • burlesque performance • Chicagocorporeal • Danny Quirk • Design Cloud Gallery • dissecteddissection • Emily Evans • eroticismexhibitionfemale • female anatomical illustration • female anatomy • female bodyfemale form • Fernando Vicente • graphic representationgroup exhibitionhuman anatomyhuman bodyillustration • Jason Levesque • Jennifer Caviola • ladybot • male form • man machinemechanical animal • medical illustrations • medical illustrator • Michael Reedy • objectification of women • Pole Ka • realistic representation • reproductive organs • speculative sciencestylised forms • surface anatomy • Tristan des Limbes


Simon Perkins
09 MARCH 2009

Women or androids?

"Oh, Playboy, why do you want your 'readers' to lust after androids? That's the only explanation we can think of for the proportions of your lovely ladybots. We culled the stats for every centerfold from December 1953 (Marilyn Monroe) to January 2009 (Dasha Astafieva), then calculated each woman's body–mass index.

A clear trend emerged: While real American women have steadily eaten their way up the BMI slope – just like American men – Playmates have gone from a sylphlike 19.4 to an anime–ideal 17.6."

(Katharine Gammon, 19.02.09)



19641986androidbeauty • belle curves • BMI • bodybody image • body-mass index • centerfold • cheesecakeclassical beautycultural norms • Dasha Astafieva • fashionfemale formfemininitygendergender politics • glamour model • glamour photography • glamour shotideal female bodyideal form • infoporn • ladybot • Laurie Carr • Marilyn Monroephysical archetypepin-upPlayboy (magazine) • playmate • pornographyproportions • Rosemarie Hillcrest • Wired (magazine)


Simon Perkins

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