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23 APRIL 2010

IDEO & Air New Zealand: rethinking the long-haul travel experience

"To prepare for the launch of its new Boeing 777–300 aircraft in November 2010, Air New Zealand scrutinized its current long–haul offering. The company asked IDEO to rethink the entire experience – from the cabin's layout and equipment, such as the seating in economy and business class, to the in–flight service and entertainment and even their customers' experience inside and beyond the terminal. ...

Together, Air New Zealand and IDEO revamped the airline's equipment, service, and technology strategy. Innovative seats will allow travelers one of two desired experiences: connection and socialization or solitude and retreat. Their reconfigurable design permits each passenger a level of interaction with (or privacy from) others that was previously reserved only for those in first class. In addition to best–in–class video and gaming, in–flight entertainment will allow travelers, Kiwi and foreigner alike, to share their experiences, photos and recommendations with each other, making plans and preserving memories for the life that follows disembarkation. The airline's service strategy, both onboard and on the ground, will shift to celebrate the people, rather than the landscape, of New Zealand – giving crew and passenger alike opportunities to interact and form meaningful connections. Policies and procedures were crafted to give travelers more control of their space, of their time, of meeting their demands and ultimately over having an enjoyable and memorable flight. Creating their own technology platform was essential to delivering on this promise of improved and individualized in–flight experiences at scale. IDEO worked with Air New Zealand to understand what they could do – build, buy, or partner – with a view towards near–term implementation.'"




2010 • Air New Zealand • aircraftairlineAotearoa New Zealand • best-in-class • Boeing • Boeing 777-300 • cabincase studycustomer experienceexperience designhigh-fidelity prototypehuman-centred designIDEO • in-flight • in-flight experience • long-haul • onboard • passengerprototype • reconfigurable design • seating • service and entertainment • socialisationtravellerUser-Centred Design (UCD)


Simon Perkins
04 APRIL 2006

Wherever You Go, There You Are: Journeys To The Same Place

"Omnitopia enacts an architectural and perceptual enclave whose apparently distinct locales (and locals) convey inhabitants to a singular place. An imperfect amalgam of Greek and Latin roots constructing an 'all–place,' the term draws its lineage from utopia (non–place) and heterotopia (other–place) to reveal the shift from singular totalizing narratives to overlapping contradictory narratives. A key distinction from heterotopia, however, is omnitopia's shift from separate locale (park, church, graveyard, motel) to complete enclosure that approximates all of urbanity. This enclosure does not reside elsewhere, but 'everywhere.' Heterotopia offers a social safety valve from public life. Omnitopia, on the other hand, constructs a synecdoche of the world, one that is necessarily and strategically incomplete. While the 'entire world' cannot reside within the omnitopian enclosure, one encounters enough of the world to ignore what has been elided. The archetypal omnitopian may be the traveler who flows from international airport to atrium hotel to enclosed shopping mall to theme restaurant to yet another international airport – all without ever walking the streets. Moreover, as our archetypal omnitopian flows from airport to airport, she or he comes to experience them as terminals to the same place."
(Andrew F. Wood)

Wood, Andrew. (2003). A rhetoric of ubiquity: Terminal space as omnitopia. Communication Theory, 13(3), 324–344.



airport • Andrew Wood • arcade • atrium hotel • contradictioncontradictory narratives • enclosed shopping mall • everywhere • heterotopiainternational airportmall • omnitopia • overlap • overlapping • placeplacelessness • same place • shopping mall • synecdoche • themed restaurant • travellerutopia
01 JANUARY 2004

Bangkok: City Theme-park

The mono–rail track suspended above Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok allows travellers to view the city and street life in air–conditioned comfort. In this way the train appears to situate its passengers as spectators of a programmed urban non–place in much the same way as motorists are seen to be located within the space of the German Autobahns – as described by Marc Augé.

Augé, Marc. 1995 Non–Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity, London/New York, : Verso



Autobahn • BangkokcitiescityMarc Auge • mono-rail • monorail • non-placerailspectator • Sukhumvit Road • Supermodernity • theme parktransforming citiestravellerurban issues
08 OCTOBER 2003

Marham Karimi Nasseri: In-limbo

I am a citizen of Charles De Gaulle Airport. –Marham Karimi Nasseri
Due to a bureaucratic glitch a airline traveller, Mr Nasseri was trapped in the non–place of the transit lounge in the Charles De Gaulle Airport at Roissy, France. For 11 years Nasseri shaved and washed in the passenger facilities, and kept himself occupied watching the eb and flow of the airport traffic. Despite intentions to settle in London in 1988 he was forced to make–do in a bubble of fast–food stores and gift shops until being freed by the actions of a human rights lawyer in 1999.



1988belongingbetweenborder/boundaryCharles de Gaulle Airport • check-point • conduit • customs control • flight-pathgateglobalisation • holidaymaker • hostage • in transitin-limboMarham Karimi Nasserinationalismneither here nor there • nether region • terrorismtransient • transit • transit-lounge • traveller

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